Urban Runner: Lost in Town


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Reading the postcard
Overhearing the warehouse men
snatching a delivery sheet
Snatching a delivery sheet
Reading the delivery sheet
The warehouse phone number
Calling for the van's number
the manager's car
Climbing in the manager's car
In the manager's car
Calling the warehouse
The manager answers the phone
Talking with the manager
Now let's use the car phone
Calling the van
Calling the van
The driver answers the phone
Putting the speakers together
Escaping the warehouse
Preparing to go to the pool house
Max takes his gun with him
At the pool house
Max searches the pool house office
Lagrange's throat has been cut
Ah, another corpse
Eraser walks in Lagrange's office
Eraser hides from the bullets
A key in Lagrange's coat
Unlocking a secret door
Secret passage in the club
Back alley of the club
In the back alley of the club
Max sees Eraser approach
Eraser approaches at full speed
Max is crushed into the wall
Eraser yells victoriously
Max is hit by the truck
Max dives under the truck
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