Urban Runner: Lost in Town


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Sniper outside
Max is shot
Looking for the sniper
Looking for the sniper
Running away from the restaurant
Passing a garbage bin
A gunman aims at Max
Max is shot
the glasses have a tracking device
Tossing the glasses
Tired of being hunted
A hustler
Annoying hustler
The hustler
Marcos' watch is on display
Pretending to be Van Dale
Shuffling cards
Mixing cards
Where is the queen?
Max wins the watch
The hustler is done for the day
Lock to the secret entrance
The door code
Unlocking the secret entrance
A gun from Lagrange's collection
The criminals' hideout
Adda is tied up in the building
Eraser on watch
Preparing the attack
Taking aim
Taking aim
eraser is injured but not killed
Adda is rescued
Freeing Adda
Fallout between Adda and Max
Adda used Max
Max accuses Adda of D.D.s death
Adda slaps Max
Alone for the final confrontation
At the institute
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