Urban Runner: Lost in Town


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Police distributes a picture of Max
Leaving D.D.s place
Max notices he's followed
Max is watched
Inspector Van Dale searches Max
The spy passes Max
How to escape the cops?
Escaping the cops
Escaping the cops
Jumping over a fence
Cops run by
Easy escape from the cops
The Buena Vista Hotel
All rooms are booked
Buena Vista reception
Going upstairs in the hotel
Marcos' key is gone
Questioning Jana
Clarice returns the room key
Earring on the ground
Access denied
Maid is happy to have her earring back
Room 225 is reserved
Distracting the receptionist
Setting a little fire
Checking the register
Hotel register
Extinguishing the fire
Zanzibar Club
Making a frank call
Room 225 please.
Opening room 225
Room 225
Room phone
Adda answers the phone
Talking with Adda
Talking with Adda
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