Urban Runner: Lost in Town


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Searching security cameras
Key in a magpie nest
At the lab's backdoor
Lab entrance
Scary mask
searching the trash bin
Stuff in the trash bin found
Recordingthe magpie tune
Special glasses to see the code
Typing the entrance code
Entering the lab
Entering the lab
Switching the lab's light on
Lab rat
Dr. Dramish private lab
Checking the lab coat
Creating a shortcut
Microfilms in the safe
Using the microscope
Inspecting the microfilms
Roman numerals
Yes, microfilms obtained!
Analyzing the data
Analyzing the evidence
D.D. goes for a walk
Adda joins D.D. for a walk
Max hears tires and a shot
D.D. lies dead on the street
Max runs away from D.D's apartment
In a restaurant
Max needs to think
Max remembers the happenings
Suspecting Adda
A knife falls out of Adda's purse
The waitress sees the knife
The restaurant phone rings
the waitress picks up the phone
Strange voice in the line
The call is for Max
A sniper aims for Max
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