Urban Runner: Lost in Town


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Van Dale is in Freddy's office
Freddy's office
Giving the mail to Freddy
the inspector checks the envelopes
Adda seduces the inspector
Adda distracts the inspector
Freddy asks to get a file
Adda gets the developed photos
In Freddy's office
Adda drops the paperclips
Van Dale gets an eye-full
Freddy puts the photos in the inspector's coat
Van Dale watches as Adda exits
Spilling coffee on Van Dale's coat
Van Dale finds Max's note
Adda is arrested
Adda is thrown in jail
Adda takes Van Dale's coat out
Retrieving the photos
Both escaped the inspector
Checking the photos
The cemetery
Looking at the driver
He likes alcohol
Giving a little whiskey
Some driver...
the funeral party
Dr. Dramish has only one glove
Cemetery exit
Cars outside the cemetery
The doctor's car
The doctor's other glove
Inside the doctor's car
A music score
Music sheet
The driver is knocked out
Outside the doctor's lab
checking the mail
An insurance letter
the lab's garden
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