Urban Runner: Lost in Town

Tech support

Original game requirements

- IBM PC or100% compatible
- Windows 3.1 or Windows 95
- 486 DX2/66 quadruple CD-ROM only or Pentium 75 double-speed CD-ROM
- SVGA card 640x480 256 Graphics
- 8Mb RAM
- Soundblaster or compatible
- Mouse

- Pentium 90, quadruple-speed CD-ROM
- SVGA card, 32,000 graphics
- 8MB Ram
- Soundblaster or compatible
- Mouse

Running the game on modern operating systems

There are 2 ways to run the game on modern systems:
- Install Windows 3x (original floppies required) in DOSBox and install it in there.

- Run the game under ScummVM. If you are not familiar with ScummVM, you can use the installer from SierraHelp.