Urban Runner: Lost in Town


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Champagne service
Max watches Adda
Max takes control
Adda is charmed
That went fast
Waking up with Adda
Love at first sight
At Freddy's office
Freddy will develop the photos
At Freddy's office
At the Zanzibar pool hall
Golden watch to enter
Some trick shots
Sergio mentions the secret entrance
Having fun with Adda
Van Dale put Max's description out
I'm gonna get you!
Max picture hit the newspapers
To Marcos' office
Marcos' office building
Checking the reception
How to find out the door code?
Chalk to reveal fingerprints
Code buttons revealed
An employee approaches
Hiding for the employee
Overlooking the code
The employee looks distrustful
Adda has a partial code
Unlocking the door
In the reception hall
The concierge is sleeping
Old boyscout trick
The concierge heads for the toilet
Opening the elevator
Pushing the elevator button
Entering the elevator
On Marcos office floor
Office corridor
Closet in the office corridor
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