Urban Runner: Lost in Town


The game screen

Your game screen comprises three sections:

- the telephone which appears if the cursor is moved to the top of the screen.
- the central section where the adventure unfolds.
- the command line which appears under the image.

The telephone

There are six functions accessible by using the left button on the mouse to click on the desired icon.

Management (upper right button) is used to save, load or exit the game. when you click "save" the game status save positions appear. you can choose a line by moving the "lifts"; the name of the game appears automatically, but you can change it if you wish. By clicking "load", you can return to any saved position. click on "exit" if you wish to exit the game.

Jokers (lower right button): you have three jokers (three clubs) which can be called on to help you if you get stuck. If the icon displays "listen to the joker again", you can do just that. More help is available when "another joker" is displayed. "No joker" means no help at this point. When you have gone through all your jokers (no more clubs), the icon is deactivated.

Storing clues (lower central button) contain information vital to the investigation, without which the mystery can not be solved. As clues are discovered, they are automatically stored. If you haven't managed to find any clues, "memory empty" message is displayed. to access the memory, use the left mouse button to click on the memory icon. then choose a clue from the list. The clue immediately appears in magnified form so that it can be easily examined.

Inventory of objects (upper central button) contains all the objects you have collected during your investigation. You can use them immediately on the image, or combine them together. To take an object from the inventory a) right-click anywhere and select the item or b) left-click the inventory button and select the item. Your finger cursor becomes an object cursor. To put an item in the inventory a) right-click anywhere while holding the item or b) click the object on the inventory button. To combine objects from the inventory, select an inventory item, left-click the inventory button and left-click the item on the other inventory item. If the combination is possible, a new object is created and becomes part of the inventory.

The magnifying glass (left button) magnifies objects from the inventory for examination. Once the object has been selected from the inventory, click the object cursor on the magnifying glass button. This allows you to turn objects around to examine both front and back. In this way, you can make out any writing or manipulate objects with more precision.

Options (arrow buttons on the right): by default the option box displays the % of progress made in the game. The music and "escape" options are displayed by clicking one of the arrows. Music allows music to be stopped or restarted at any point during the game. Enabling "escape" will allow to skip video sequences, though it is not recommended to do so, especially if you play the game for the first time as you may miss vital clues.