Hobbit (The)

Making of

Jaime R. Grieves Executive Producer
Chuck Lupher Creative Director
Andy Thyssen Technical Director
Michael Fong Art Director
Artie Rogers Game & System Design
Bey Bickerton Game & System Design
Brandon Paul Salinas Game & System Design
Chuck Lupher Game & System Design
Rand Van Fossen Game & System Design
Rhea Shelley Game & System Design
Artie Rogers Level Designers
Brandon Paul Salinas Level Designers
Rand Van Fossen Level Designers
Rhea Shelley Level Designers
Michael McClelland Level Artists
Carrie Meade Level Artists
Paul Haskins Level Artists
Greg Omelchuck Level Artists
Luke Gustafson Level Artists
Brad Marques Character Modeling
Jesse Slate Character Modeling
Tom Heimann Character Modeling
Michael Fong Character Modeling
Jesse Slate Character Animation
Tom Heimann Character Animation
Brad Marques Character Animation
Shane Tarrant Character Animation
Michael Fong Character Animation
Martin L'Heureux Character Animation
Carrie Meade Front End and HUD
Jeremy Howa Front End and HUD
Michael Fong Pageturn Cinemas
Carrie Meade Pageturn Cinemas
Martin Coven Special Effects Artist
John Versluis Technical Art Support
Martin Coven Technical Art Support
Stevan Hird Character & World Rendering
Mike Reed Special Effects
Andrew Yount Special Effects
Waylon Calabrese Bilbo
Andrew Yount Camera
Alex Cheng Puzzles
David Russell Puzzles
Andrew Yount Puzzles
Jason Franklin Creature AI System Architect
Michael Kupka Additional Creature AI
Paul Masters Additional Creature AI
Rob Brannon Audio Streaming & Effects Technology
Michael Kupka Music Logic
Alex Cheng Environmental Effects
Andrew Yount Environmental Effects
Alex Cheng Tools and Technology
David Russell Tools and Technology
Mike Reed Tools and Technology
Jason Franklin Tools and Technology
Rob Brannon Tools and Technology
Andrew Yount Tools and Technology
Brian Watson Tools and Technology
John Nagle Tools and Technology
D. Michael Traub Tools and Technology
Rafael Brown Additional Design
Bobby Pavlock Additional Design
Jim Richardson Additional Design
Trevor Lemoine Additional Art
Carrie Meade Additional Art
Greg Omelchuck Additional Art
Martin Coven Additional Art
Michael McClelland Additional Art
Jesse Slate Additional Art
Tomas Arce Additional Programming
Adam Hunter Additional Programming
Bryon Hapgood Additional Programming
Mark Billington Additional Programming
Sean Skelton Additional Programming
Todd Raffray QA Manager
Kent Raffray QA
Mark Richards QA
Russell Byrd Chief Executive Officer
Bey Bickerton Chief Creative Officer
Craig Galley Chief Technical Officer
Cyrus Lum Chief Art Officer
Marc Schaefgen Audio Director
Lisa Risnikove Voiceover Director
Brandon Paul Salinas Script Written By
John Mann Script Doctor
Michael Beattie Voice talent: Bilbo
Tom Kane Voice talent: Narrator
Jim Ward Voice talent: Gandalf
Clive Revill Voice talent: Thorin
James Horan Voice talent: Smaug
Daran Norris Voice talent: Gollum
Alastair Duncan Voice talent
Andre Sogliuzzo Voice talent
Andrew Ableson Voice talent
Brian George Voice talent
Cam Clarke Voice talent
Candi Milo Voice talent
Dee Bradley Baker Voice talent
Grey DeLisle Griffin Voice talent
James Arnold Taylor Voice talent
Jane Singer Voice talent
Jennifer Hale Voice talent
Joshua Seth Voice talent
Kat Cressida Voice talent
Kath Soucie Voice talent
Michael Ensign Voice talent
Michael J. Gough Voice talent
Nathan Carlson Voice talent
Oliver Muirhead Voice talent
Patrick Pinney Voice talent
Robb Dean Voice talent
Robin Atkin Downes Voice talent
Steve Staley Voice talent
Victor Raider-Wexler Voice talent
Wally Wingert Voice talent
Mike Caviezel Dialogue Editing and Processing
Sonic Pool Dialogue Recorded By
Robert Abernethy Orchestral and Acoustic Music Composition
Dave Adams Orchestral and Acoustic Music Composition
Jason Graves Orchestration and Orchestra Conducted by
Simon James Concert Master and Orchestra Contractor
Rodney Gibbs Executive Producer
Scott White Creative Director
Blake Bush Production Director
Scott Laing Design Director
Sean Murphy Art Lead
Acy Stapp Lead Programmer
Chad Goolbis Programmers
Marshall Kunze Programmers
Wiley Akins Artists
Brennan Hornburg Artists
Mike Wabschall Designer
Cheryl Pennick Testing Lead
Wendy Gray Software Testers
Jack Brummet Software Testers
Dan Elenbaas Executive Management
David Mann Executive Management
Phil Trumbo Creative Director
Jack Brummet Director of Development Services
Kris Summers Director of Design
Mike Dean Director of Operations and Finance
Curtis Asplund Director of Marketing
Lindsay Gupton Executive Studio Director, KnowWonder
Stephen Clarke-Willson Executive Studio Director, Adrenium Games
Steve Ettinger Executive Studio Director, Griptonite Games
Rodney Gibbs Studio Director, The Fizz Factor
Scott K. Tsumura Executive Studio Director, BlackShip Games
Inevitable Entertainment Special Thanks
Kevin Burdick Special Thanks
Susan DeMerit Special Thanks
Christian Kimball Special Thanks
Stephanie Hjertager Special Thanks
Mia Robinson Special Thanks
Paul Stokes Special Thanks
Kelly Zmak VP Development Studio
Julie Pitt Development Operations and Production Manager
Shari Lindholm Sr. Administrative Assistant
Ken Embery Executive Producer
Troy Skinner Senior Producer
Bernadette Pryor Associate Producer
Kris Bryan Tolkien Approvals Coordinator
Charles Grover Holtzclaw Director of Marketing, VUG
Steve Beinner Brand Manager, VUG
Adam Kahn Senior PR Manager, VUG
James R. Carey CGI Cinematic Director
Glenn Oliver CGI Cinematic Producer
Meteor Studios CGI Development Teams
Belyea Animation & Visual Effects Studio CGI Development Teams
Lost Boys Studios CGI Development Teams
Mike Caviezel Dialog Editor /Sound Designer
Stuart Hay Director of Quality Assurance PC
David Schapiro QA Brand Manager
William Guerrero QA Leads
Linda Maier QA Associate Leads
Cameron Austin QA Associate Leads
Lester Stocker Sierra Entertainment QA
Corey Stelton Sierra Entertainment QA
Alan Petroff QA Testers
Armond James QA Testers
Chang Hoh Koo QA Testers
Daniel Cervantes QA Testers
Fausto Lorenzano QA Testers
James Pasque QA Testers
Jose Beltran QA Testers
Steven Baker QA Testers
Tommy Tran QA Testers
Randy Linch Director of VUPC
Brandon Valdez VUPC Leads
Cyra Talton VUPC Leads
Glenn Dphrepaulezz VUPC Leads
Jaime Rios Configuration Manager
Afolabi Akibola Configuration Staff
Jack Yao Configuration Staff
Jason Perry Configuration Staff
Mark Jihanian Configuration Staff
Min Huang Configuration Staff
Robert Gardner Configuration Staff
Steven Hung Configuration Staff
Daniel Greenberg Creative Director - Tolkien Franchise
John Slowsky Art Director - Tolkien Franchise
Chance Thomas Music Director - Tolkien Franchise
Laurie Battle Director of Licensing - Tolkien Enterprises
Fiona Wilson Localization Producer, Europe
Siobhan Wallace Localization Producer, Asia-Pacific
Jim Wilson Executive VP Worldwide Development
Scott Cuthbertson Senior Producer
Shamus Dermody Engineering Lead
Jason King Engineer
Bill Sweeney Audio Specialist
Nelly Dietrich QA Lead
Javier Bailo QA Testers
Maria Goretti Alvarez QA Testers
Gilda Hallinan QA Testers
Ray Heffernan QA Testers
Niall Hogan QA Testers
Andrew Kavanagh QA Testers
Elena Rossi QA Testers
Sandra Rothig QA Testers
Joan Serra QA Testers
Laurent Venier QA Testers
Nico Richters Compliance Lead
Brendan Aupy Compliance Testers
Edward Brennan Compliance Testers
Andrea Fusco Compliance Testers
Laura Casanellas Luri Linguistic Review
Maria Jose Alvarez Linguistic Review
Caroline Bidet Linguistic Review
Viviana Guglielmi Linguistic Review
Annemarie Leonard Linguistic Review
Anke McElligott Linguistic Review
Gina Schmitz Special Thanks
Bryen Aoyama Special Thanks
Jim Wilson Special Thanks
Michael Pole Special Thanks
Peter Della Penna Special Thanks
Molly O'Brien Special Thanks
Peter Marx Special Thanks
Cliff Broadway Special Thanks
Dylan Bromley Special Thanks
Matthew From Special Thanks
Rob Irving Special Thanks
David O'Conner Special Thanks
Nancy Rinehart Special Thanks
Scott Cuthbertson Special Thanks
Andrew Shiozaki Special Thanks
Dan Smith Special Thanks
Laurie Battle Special Thanks
Daniel Greenberg Special Thanks
John Slowsky Special Thanks
Chance Thomas Special Thanks
Quentin Gauthier Special Thanks
Chloe Rothwell Special Thanks
Fiona Wilson Special Thanks
Siobhan Wallace Special Thanks
Mike Ryder Special Thanks
Justin Brandstater The Hobbit Package Illustrator
Kevin Lamb The Hobbit Manual - Writing
Kim McGovern The Hobbit Manual - Design