Hobbit (The)

Tech support

Original System requirements (PC)

- Pentium III 450 Mhz or better
- 32MB RAM (64MB for Windows XP)
- DirectX8.1 compatible videocard with 32MB RAM with Hardware T&L support
- DirectX8.1 compatible soundcard or higher
- 1.5 GB hard disk space
- 4x CD-ROM
- Microsoft Windows compatible mouse and keyboard
- DirectX 8.1 (included)

- Pentium 4 1.4 GHz
- 128 MB RAM
- GeForce 2 with 32 MB RAM

Version 1.0 to 1.2 patch

- Random Crashes throughout the game -- Some systems experienced random crashes.
- Intermittent crash -- Fixed intermittent crash that could occur while transitioning between Hobbiton and Roast Mutton
- Updated GUI -- Updated saved game naming conventions on the Save and Load screens.
- Courage Points bar -- Saved game courage points bar wasn't updating correctly. It now matches the In-game courage points bar.
- Water Puzzle -- Water levels are set correctly when respawning.
- Water Puzzle -- Water displays on lowest detail levels.
- NVIDIA ForceWare fixes -- Textures no longer render black on NVIDIA ForceWare drivers.
- Version display -- The version number now displays in the lower right hand of the legal screen.

Version 1.0 to 1.2 patch (English)

Version 1.1 to 1.3 patch

- Laketown Crash -- Italian Version
- Improvements to Unicode text rendering

Version 1.1 to 1.3 patch (English)

Bilbo is stuck in a spin

If you have a gamepad, wheel or joystick, unplug it, restart the game and restore your latest position.

Extremely dark in the spider nest at the end of chapter 6

Make sure your videocard supports hardware T&L and that the videodrivers are not older than 2004.

In Laketown I cannot select the floating platforms on the left and right side to make a bridge

In order to select the floating platforms on left and right, you need to use the STRAFE LEFT/RIGHT buttons, not the TURN buttons.

Blocks in the chasm in Smaug's lair do not cover holes or float in mid-air and cannot be recovered

First off, make sure to SAVE the game before entering the chasm and do not overwrite the same slot until the dwarves have crossed the chasm. Also, do NOT push the blocks over the edge. They are supposed to be pushed on the waterholes located just beside them. You need to push the block until Bilbo automatically releases them. If you can still push or pull the block, it is not perfectly on top of the hole and the water won't rise.