Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza


Main menu

The following options are available from the game's Main Menu.

New Game: Select this to enter the New Game Menu to begin a new Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza game. In the New Game Menu you can choose between difficulty modes Die Hard (easy), Die Harder (medium) and Die Hard with a Vengeance (hard). Note that you cannot change the difficulty during the game, but only by starting new game.

Load game: Select this to enter the Load Game Menu to load a previously saved game. This can be the quick-saved game, the auto-saved game or one of the five available manually saved game slots.

Options: Select this to set various game options such as video and audio options and control settings. More info below.

Exit: Select this to quit the game and return to Windows.

In-game Menu

While playing the game, press the ESC key to access the in-game menu. While in this menu the game will be paused. Note that if you press ESC during a cut scene or conversation, it will skip it. The in-game menu is identical to the Main Menu but contains two extra options:

Resume game: Continue playing where you last left the game.

Save game: Select this to enter the Save Game Menu to save the current game. You can either select the Quick Save slot or, as intended for manual saving, one of the five available manual save slots.

Saving and loading games

There are three different ways to save a game:

Auto Save: After completing a chapter the game will automatically save the game in the beginning of the new chapter, overwriting the previous auto save position. Therefore, if you die in the game and forgot to save, you can always revert back to the beginning of the chapter you're currently playing.

Quick Save: Allows the player to save at any time without leaving game play. The default hot key for quick save is F6. There is also just one quick save slot, so it will overwrite your previous quick save position and do so without asking for confirmation.

Full Save: For a more permanent save position, press ESC during game play to enter the in-game menu, select "save game", and select one of the five available slots to save the game to. If all five slots are occupied, you'll need to overwrite an already occupied slot and confirm. You could also use the quick save slot to manually save, but that is not really its purpose. You also cannot overwrite the reserved Auto Save slot.

To load a game while playing, press the ESC key to access the in-game menu and select "Load game" for the Load Game Menu to appear. You can also access it from the main menu of the game. Also when you die in the game you will automatically be taken to this screen. From the Load Game Menu you can load the Auto-Save game, Quick Save Game or any of the available manually saved games.

To Quick Load the Quick Saved Game while playing the game, use the Quick Load hot key (by default F9).

Options Menu

You can access the options menu from either the Main Menu or in-game menu. In the options menu, you can select from the following options.

Video: Allows you to customize the video settings of the game:
- Resolution: ranges from 640 x 480 x 16 to 1280 x 1024 x 32.
- Texture depth: choose between 16 bit or 32 bit.
- Sub-titles: Choose between Off or On.
- Advanced Gfx: Allows you to turn on or off Bilinear Filtering, Detail Textures, Mipmap Level and Decals.

Audio: Allows you to customize the audio settings of the game.
- SFX volume: Raise or lower the volume of all sound effects and voices within the game.
- Sound Filter: Sounds effects such as special echo and underwater effects can be turned off and on.
- Music Volume: Raise or lower the volume of the game's music.

Controls: Allows you to customize the controls of the game.
- Use joystick (only displayed if plugged in): Lets you enable or disable joystick support.
- Configure joystick (only displayed if plugged in): Lets you customize your joystick.
- Configure Mouse: Lets you customize your mouse sensitivity and invert your mouse.
- Configure Controls: This option will allow you to remap your keyboard/joystick/mouse to the various actions available in the game.
- Restore Default Controls: Reverts all controls back to the original configuration.

Gameplay: Allows you to customize the way you want to play.
- Auto Pickup: If enabled, the player will automatically pick up items, such as weapons, by walking over them. If disabled, aim the cursor at an object and press the Activate button to pick it up.
- Auto Reload: If enabled, the player will automatically reload the selected weapon when the clip is empty. If disabled, press the Reload button. Note that you can (and actually should!) always manually reload even with Auto Reload enabled.