Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza

Tech support

Original system requirements for Windows 95 to Windows XP

- Direct X 8.0 or higher
- Processor equivalent to Pentium II 400 Mhz or higher
- 64 MB RAM Direct X 8.0 compatible 16 MB 3D hardware accelerator card with Direct 3D support (128 MB for Windows 2000/XP)
- SVGA high color graphics (16 bit) or higher
- 4x CD-ROM
- Microsoft compatible mouse and keyboard
- 660 MB free hard drive space
- Direct X 8.0 compatible 16-bit soundcard

Graphics glitch

If you have a graphical glitch where the models are stretched all over the screen (as shown in the image), apply the v1.0 - v1.04.1 Patch (ZIP, 2.16MB).