Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza

Easter eggs

Easter Eggs in Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza

Egg id: 224

At the end of level 21: Coulda Used his Shoes, you find name tags on the doors of several development team members:

- Robert Mack (Bob Mack), artist
- Scott Dewis, artist
- Darren Tarnoff, artist
- Brian Youds, sound
- Karen Bullock, special thanks

Reportedly Russ Bullock, Beau Brennen and Bryan Eckman also have name tags there.

TAGSBob Mack, Scott Dewis, Darren Tarnoff, Brian Youds, Russ Bullock, Beau Brennen

Egg id: 225

At the end of level 23: R&D Lab, you find a poster by the door in the elevator room near Mr. Ozu, which has a picture labeled Brian Youds, Freelance Reporter. Brian Younds was the sound designer of the game.

TAGSBrian Youds

Egg id: 226

There are many more images of people hanging around the Nakatomi building, but without names. We suspect however that several of these could also be members of the development team. Here is one example from level 3: The Bomber.

TAGSNo tags

Egg id: 223

In level 15: The Architect, before entering his office, you also hear the architect refer to himself as "Mike from Forst Architecture", another reference to level designer Mike Forst.

TAGSMichael Forst

Egg id: 52
There are multiple references to the development team in the game. The most obvious one is of level designer Mike Forst in the kitchen of level 9: Playin' the Hero.

TAGSMichael Forst