Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis


In-game cheat codes

During gameplay, enter the following codes for the desired effect:

Effect Code
Add 3 stars to your park rating [,],down, down, [, right
All DNA sets to 100% ], up, ], right, [, down
All missions, Exercises and Site B opened ], right, right, right, right, ]
All Research down, down, down, left, right, [, down, up
All tourists will die Hold ] and press right, left, right, left, right
Destroys all fences up, ], down, [, left, left
Dinosaurs will no longer get sick Hold [ + ] and repeatedly tap Up
Dinosaurs will now appear to be the living dead ], ], ], [, right
Gives EVERY dinosaur 55% DNA completion in the fossil hunting sites that you have unlocked. down, ], Up, [, Down
Heat Wave ] + down, ] + down
Makes visitors happy on the visitor summary ], down, [, up, up, up
More Fossils [,],down
More Money [, right, right, [, ], down
Multiple safari cars ], right, right, right, ]
No penalties for visitor deaths [,], left, down, down, down, down
One of your safari cars will blow up Hold [ + ] and repeatedly tap up, down, up, down
Rampages will no longer occur [, left, up, left, up, left, [
Stormy Weather ], ], [, ], down, up, down
Sunny Weather ], ], right, left, up, right
The market will now be instantly restocked with fossils [ + ] + down
This will set all excavated dinosaur DNA to 0% [, ], [, right, down, ]
Upgrades all fences to high security at no cost [, left, left, ], ], right
You can now select your three dig sites without the required stars. left, down, right, up, [ + ], [ + ]
You can now shoot from the safari cars by using the camera ] + [, left, down, right, right
Your dinosaurs will become diseased down, up, down, left, ], ], ]
Your finances will be reduced to zero [ + ], down
Your park rating will increase by one star right, [, up, [, [, down

Editing game configuration files

Warning!: the following instructions involve changing the actual game configuration files in the "data" folder where the game is installed. It is strongly recommended to make a backup of the file prior to editing it.

Editing research times

Open research.ini. Each researchable item has a research time (in seconds) underneath it. Reduce them as you wish.

No twisters

Open weather.ini, look for the section named \tornado\ and set \wetprobability\ and \dryprobability\ to zero.

Unlock all dig sites, increase dig teams and fossil storage capacity

The following edit only affects NEW islands. It will not work on saved islands. Open up FslHunt.ini, search for "maxchosen" (default value 5) and change it to 9. Underneath it is the number of sites available as you earn more stars - change them all to 0. Start a new game, go to fossil hunt and unlock each site.
To increase the number of research teams, open constant.ini and change both FossilHuntStartNumTeams and FossilHuntMaxNumTeams to 99 (the tents will go off-screen). Also increase FossilStorageMaxItems to have more storage for the vast amount fossil you'll be able to dig up.

Remove Building Limits

In the 'units' folder, open the configuration file of the unit of which you would like to have the availability increased, search for "UnitSpecific" and change the number.

Remove Dino Limit, Vistor Limit, Start Money,...

Open "constant.ini" and change the following settings:
MaxDinoPopulation: the maximum number of dinos allowed.
ParkStartPlayerMoney: the money you start out with.
ParkMaxEntryFee: the maximum fee you can charge per vistor.
ParkMaxPopulationCap: the maximum number of vistors you can have at one time.