Van Helsing



The cathedral

Follow the trail off power glyphs for a cut scene. Try to open the gate where the life glyphs are - you need to find another way to go upstairs. Collect all the glyphs among the pillars, breaking statues to reveal more. Look at the statue in the center of the cathedral for more glyphs. Learn to jump on the ledge at the opposite side of the gate.

Return to the gate and double jump on the ledge next to it. Use the grappling gun to get to the higher floor and grapple swing to the other side of the cathedral. Go up the stairs.

Boss fight: Mr. Hyde

This boss tries to punch you when close, pound the ground and leaps towards you to get closer. Dodge the attacks and keep your distance, using your pistols constantly to drain his health (and alternate pistols to speed things up). Glyphs are hidden in various objects which are destroyed by Hyde or can be destroyed by you. Put your hat back on in case it falls off and do so throughout the entire game.

After completing, you probably won't have 1,000 glyphs yet, so save it to purchase a life or ammo increaser later on.


The Train Station

Smash all the boxes and barrels for glyphs. Read the symbol on the door, power up your tojo blades and smash the door to get the first cheat glyph (Ghost Body). From the stairs, jump on the roof, and then the next roof, collecting glyphs. Grapple towards the water tower for more glyphs and then grapple to the top of the water tower for more glyphs and half a life increaser.

Go to behind the wagon where the marked door was, and press circle to find another cheat glyph (Big Head). Then follow the path.

The Broken Bridge

Walk onto the bridge before jumping down. Notice the symbol behind the waterfall - you can't get past it now, but you can on your next playthrough, using the gatling gun to get inside and find a cheat glyph (Translucent Body).

Jump down and use the wheel to move the crane. Jump the ledges to the top again, head on the bridge and grapple swing across.

Old Mill

After killing the skeletons, go to the steep rocks opposite the mill entrance and grapple to find the second half of the life increaser. Notice the first egg pedestal - you can't use it yet. You also can't break the mill door yet as you need the shotgun. Get the life replenisher on the bridge and use the doors ahead.

Town entrance

Take out the skeletons, smash barrels and crates, and collect the glyphs. Take the path to the right, up the stairs. Go left down the stairs and take an ammo replenisher. Then return to the previous area and take the left path this time.

Kill the skeletons while smashing more barrels and jump down below the stairs for more. Climb the stairs and attack more skeletons, then go right past the church to the next area.

Town square

Kill all skeletons and smash all stuff. Go underneath the open window and grapple into it to get the shotgun. Drop outside again.

Optionally, return to the windmill to break its door with the shotgun, grapple to the top and get the half life increaser. Then return here. Otherwise skip returning there as you'll pass it again in mission 5.

Head left from the open window and use your shotgun to get through the door.

Boss: Frankenstein Monster (presumably)

This guy bash attacks and tosses you when he gets close, and stomps the ground to send a shockwave all around him when far from you. Jump to dodge his stomps attacks (keep him in sight), prevent him from getting too close and shoot him when you can. And of course, don't lose you hat.

Buy life and armor increasers in the armory.


The Drop Bridge

Grapple the switch on the other side of the bridge to lower it. Jump under the bridge, kill the skeletons and note the egg pedestal. Climb up suing the small corner ledge.

Cross the bridge and attack some enemies, then climb one set of stairs. Go behind the building on your right and double-jump onto it (or use the nearby destructible barrels), and take the half life increaser. Climb the next stairs and proceed to the metal gate. Open it to proceed.

The Gargoyles and Well

Kill the gargoyles with the pistols and jump down the well to find an Easter egg. Grapple out of the well and return to the Egg pedestal under the bridge, placing the Easter egg on it to unlock challenge 4: the maze. You can play the challenge now or later. Then return to the well.

Notice you can't get through the metal gate ahead. Use the shotgun on the symbol, and proceed through it.

Town Square

Go left past some awnings as you shoot the gargoyles, then use your alt tojo blades on the symbol and take the cheat glyph (Ghost Fiend). Go to the building the right from the entrance in this area, double-jump onto the roof and single-jump to the rooftop. Grapple to another roof, walk to the left edge and grapple to the third roof. Grapple swing to another point, jump to half of a life increaser and get it.

Hea for the small stairs, grapple to the ledge above, smash the barrels for a life replenisher and go through the door.

Boss: Verona, Valera & Marishka

Shoot Verona and Valera with your alt pistols while avoiding the pillars of energy that appear from the glowing spots on the ground. Once both of them are dead, Marishka will turn into a demon and attack. Avoid her diving attacks and sweeping electrical attack that you can jump over. Keep using alt pistols.


The Library and Secret Passage

Hit the ladder with the tojo blades, get the half life increaser, and read the books where the ladder was about a secret passage in the library. Check the dark bookshelves at the left side of the room and a secret passage opens. Enter it.

Follow the passage and kill the skeletons. In an alcove to the right, where once of the skeletons appears is a symbol - shoot it with the shotgun to find a cheat glyph inside (Color Body). Continue the path, climb the staircase, and go through the door.

The Graveyard

Get the crossbow and drop inside the open coffin to find a cheat glyph (Big Melee). Then exit the mausoleum. Use your alt pistols or crossbow to kill the birds. Get the ammo and life replenisher from the mausoleum roof. Walk down and get the half life increaser. Then go to the gate at the other end of the graveyard. Shoot an arrow from your crossbow into the statue on your right (this may take a bit of aiming) and proceed through the gate.

The Watermill and River

Use your alt pistols to take out the female demons. Use your shotgun on the boarded-up window and get the half life increaser. Jump from the small roof up to the larger one and walk to the right for some glyphs. Follow the river upstream to the next area.

Kill the gargoyles and grapple up the ledges to the top, following the trail of glyphs.

At the tower, kill the enemies. You can't open the symbol yet. Jump to the higher level of the tower, using the statues. Use the tojo blades to knock over the statue on top of the tower and cross it to the ledge. Follow the path.

Kill the enemies, double-jump on the ledge to the right of the water. Grapple from here and take the cheat glyph (Plain World). Go back, jump up the ledges by the waterfall, and follow the path.

Boss: Igor

Igor has three types of attacks. The first involves firing a 3-way spread shot that you should move between the shots to avoid (indicated by the boss glowing before firing). The second attack has the boss launching 3 explosive shots down on you from above, but they shouldn't bother you if you keep moving. The third attack has a single shot fired from above that waits on the ground for a bit, then splits into pieces that spread and explode. Keep your distance from this attack when you see it. Use your crossbow or your alt pistols to deal with Igor.



Kill the skeletons and take the ammo replenisher and life replenisher from the roof. Go down the hill for another ammo replenisher and head through the now-opened gate to the well. Fight more enemies and head south.

Drop bridge

When entering town, head right past the yellow light and double-jump up the rock wall just right of you to reach a ledge. Use your crossbow on the statue and take the glyph that appears (Translucent Fiend) before dropping to the ground again. Drop down, go down the stairs and grab the ammo replenisher from the roof on your right.

Jump down to start the boss battle. You can shoot the boss safely from the roof. Shoot him until he runs away again. Cross the bridge and go through the gate to resume the battle.

Boss battle square

You're at the square where you previously fought the boss. Shoot Velkan with your crossbow until he runs away again abd follow.

Town Square

Kill the enemies and go through the hole in the right wall, killing more enemies and take the ammo replenisher beyond the barrels on your left. Go back up these stairs and head right to the next battle.

Town gate

This boss swings his claws at you in combos if he gets close enough. Your best bet is to dodge away from him when he tries this and keep unloading your alt pistols into him.


Old Mill and forest path

Fight the skeletons and follow the path left to the next area. If you didn't return earlier to break the mill's door, do it now with the shotgun. Enter it and grapple to get the half life increaser.

Instead of heading back to the broken bridge, follow the path left of the mill. Shoot the enemies while following the forest path, then go through the castle's courtyard doors.

Castle Courtyard

Kill the gargoyles and take the life replenisher on top of a carriage, proceed through the courtyard, ignore the nearby doors for now and get the half life increaser. Go to the tree by the left wall and grapple up. You can't break this symbol on your first playthrough, but will on the next with the gatling gun or rifle to get the cheat glyph (Unlimited Speed).

Jump down again. Notice that a garden is visible through the locked gate. Return to the main entrance door and enter it.

Entrance Hall

Stand on the table to make it easier to shoot up Dracula's minions. You can't break the symbol yet as you'd need the alt shotgun. Climb the stairs and go through the door on your left.


Notice the book on the first bookshelf, stating the story of a boy reciting a rhyme: "left, left, left, right, left, right".

Get the life replenisher up here at the left side of the room, then drop down and shoot the cross on the statue with your crossbow - this unlocks the door on the opposite side of the entrance hall. You can't break the symbol yet. Kill the minions, double-jump up to the ledge where you started in this room, then go back through the door.

Entrance hall

Grapple across the next room and go through the door on the right side.

Weapons room

Go down the stairs and kill more minions, then grab the speed boost and alt shotgun upgrade. Return to the previous room and swing back across, then enter the door on the left side once more.


Drop down and use your alt shotgun on the statue, then grab the Easter egg from the fireplace. Return all the way back to the wind mill and place the Easter egg on the pedestal for "challenge 5 - time attack". Then return to the castle's entrance hall.

Entrance Hall

Kill the minions, use the alt shotgun on the symbol at the back of the entrance hall and enter. Fight the skeletons and follow the passage, then go through the door at the other end.

Telescope room

Kill the minions, notice the generator and go through the doors on the opposite side.

Back yard

Double-jump from the balcony to find a pair of emblems, use your alt shotgun to destroy them both and get the half life increaser. Drop all the way down and notice the egg pedestal for later. Kill the enemies and double-jump onto the large statue for some glyphs, then enter the shed and ride the elevator down.

Underground Corridors

Kill the skeletons as you work your way down this hall and through the door. In the next part, kill the minions , notice the generator and go through the door at the far wall.

Note: If you return here after finishing the game once, you can grapple from the narrow ledge that doesn't have the generator. Use your alt gatling gun or rifle on the emblem up here to get a cheat glyph (Armory Anytime).

Tanks Room

Kill the minions, stand on the elevator platform in the middle and grapple up.

Bat room

Watch the cut scene and shoot up the bats with your alt weapons. Dodge to shake off any that grab onto you, then go towards the stairs and grapple to a ledge above. Take the electric gun here and jump back through the hole in the wall where you entered this room and return to the telescope room.

Telescope room

Use the electric gun to power the generator. Take the Easter egg by the telescope and use it on the egg pedestal outside to unlock "challenge 1 - knightfall".

Underground Corridors

Shoot the generator near the door with your electric gun to activate the elevator in the tankers room and use the elevator.

Boss: Dracula

Your in Frankenstein's lab. Jump in the vat of neon green slime at any point in this battle and pick up the cheat glyph inside (Archaic Clothes). If you get killed and need to continue, then you'll have to get this glyph again.

The boss can strike you with what's kind of like a large sword made of energy if he gets close. He sparkles all around and a spot on the ground sparkles in a similar way when he is about to teleport to that spot and swing his energy sword. Jump away from him before he teleports. He also creates pillars of energy from glowing spots on the ground, and usually follows these up with an energy sword attack. Keep moving to avoid the pillars and dodge the energy sword attack. The third attack involves balls of energy falling from above and is avoided by moving constantly. Use the alt pistols as much as possible.


Cave 1

Jump down to the ground and use your alt pistols to take out the skull enemies. They have a pulsing shockwave attack if you get too close, so keep your distance. They also fire a long beam that sweeps towards you slightly, but you can easily move away from this attack.

Jump to the ledge on the left side with some glyphs and grapple up a few times, getting the ammo replenisher on the way up. Grapple swing to the next ledge. Jump to the ledge with the glyphs and jump down to get the life increaser half below. Work your way back up and double-jump to another ledge, then follow the path to the next area.

Cave 2

Jump down to the ground and shoot up the skulls, then use your shotgun on the nearby symbol and take the cheat glyph inside (Sick Player). Double-jump up the ledge on your left to get back up, then grapple across two ledges. Use the right grapple point here to get the alt crossbow, then use it on the emblem and take the life replenisher. Take the other grapple point to reach the other side of the room and the next area.

Cave 3

Cross the bridge and jump the gap while fighting off electric skulls, then jump left onto another ledge in the corner and take a life increaser half. Grapple across the next gap and jump up a ledge, then blast the wall with your alt crossbow and enter the area beyond.

Boss: Frankenstein

If the boss tries to stomp the ground, you should jump to avoid the shock wave. He runs around and might try to head butt you, so jump or dodge if he tries this. Sometimes a spinning attack is used, it's quick but you can still jump or dodge it as needed. The boss uses punches at close range and sometimes grabs and lifts you, so unload your weapons into him if he grabs you. Make sure NOT to use the electric gun, as this charges the boss and gives him stronger attacks.


Mountain path

Hug the left mountain wall in the alcove and double-jump onto a ledge for the half life increaser. When the bats appear, kill them with the crossbow, then cross the bridge and double-jump behind the waterfall for an ammo replenisher.

Go through the arch beyond the water and jump up the ledges, then head left and grapple to swing across the gap. Fight more bats and jump up a pair of ledges, then go left some more to find an easter egg. Grapple to the next ledge and stop just before the larger icicles, then drop down to a small ledge below for a cheat glyph (Metal Fiend). Jump back up, watch a cut scene and go inside the cave.

The cave

Take out the bats and get the double scimitars ahead, then use them on some more bats as you jump up some ledges and end up outside once more.

Mountain path 2

Cross the bridge and jump up a few ledges, then pass under an arch as some werewolves appear. Keep your distance from them and watch for their lunge attack. Use your alt pistols to take them out, then jump up a trio of ledges. Double-jump on the stone pillar on your right for some glyphs, then jump up more ledges and follow a curving path.

In front of the entrance gate, double-jump on top of the stone arch on your left, then grapple and jump up a few ledges for a life increaser half. Go back along the path and under the arch, then head through the gate.


Kill the werewolves and take a cheat glyph (Small Fiend) from the stone lion's mouth in the fountain. Head for the back right corner of the courtyard and take the ammo replenisher. Jump on the egg pedestal, grapple and follow the ledges left. Use your shotgun on the weakened section of the wall and take the half life increaser, then drop down again.

Use your easter egg on the egg pedestal to unlock "challenge 2 - defend the ring" and get taken to the challenge hub again (or skip for lateR).

Return to the courtyard and go through the wooden doors on your right.

Boss: Velkan

This boss slashes you if he gets close, but for the most part he either hangs off the wall or runs along it. He will growl right before leaping at you from the wall and again before leaping back to the wall. So listen for it and jump or dodge out of the way. Use your alt pistols while you fight to finish him off.

After the fight, walk through the arches ahead of you and watch the cut scenes of Anna being kidnapped.

Castle roof

Kill the werewolves (try it from on top of the railing by the stairs to make things easier), then go through the door at the top of the stairs.


Take out the bats and use the alt shotgun on the emblems, then grab the life replenisher. Go down until you see a grapple point, then jump down and grab a life increaser half. Kill the bat and grapple back up, then climb the stairs for the next area.


Kill the werewolves and ride the elevator in the back left corner. Take the life increaser half on your right and climb the stairs.

Boss: Dracula

This boss has the same attacks as when you fought him before, but he also has a few new ones. One of the new attacks involves twin logs of energy rolling across the ground, meeting in the middle and going back and forth like this. You should move to one side and simply jump over that log as it gets close. The other attack involves firing blue energy shots at you from all sides and is much harder to avoid, but try your best while jumping and dodging. Stick with the alt pistols like last time and be sure to use them while jumping the new attacks as well.


Frankenstein's lab

Kill the minions and go down the stairs in the upper left corner of the room.

Bat room

Kill more minions and go to the far end of the room. Go through the door on your right for a life increaser half, then return here and jump through the large hole in the right wall farther down.

Tanks room

Take the alt electric gun while fighting more minions, then go through the doors.

Underground Corridors

Use your alt shotgun on the electric skulls as you head through the next door. Kill the skeletons and ride the elevator up at the other end of the passage.

Back yard

Leave the house to start a battle with a pair of statues, then use your alt crossbow to drain most of their health. Normal shotgun shots should charge your alt energy once again, and you can always use your finishers to help. The enemies either attack at close range or send a ripple through the ground that you can jump or dodge. Head through the gate on your right after killing both statues to finish the mission.


Carriage Escape

Get hit once when on the horses here to get knocked under the carriage, then take the cheat glyph (Shadow Fiend). These twin demons either fire a 3-way spread shot of fireballs or a sweeping ice beam from a distance. For either attack, you should dodge to avoid them. The other attacks involve freezing the top of the carriage or setting it on fire, but both are indicated if you watch the top of the carriage. When this attack is about to happen, you should jump to the horses at the front, which limits you to pistols only. When on top of the carriage, use your alt crossbow.

Boss: Velkan

This boss uses the same moves as every other time that you've fought him. So keep your distance and jump or dodge when he gets close. Keep unloading your alt pistols into him to win the battle. He'll bite Van Helsing, tainting his blood.


Mountain path

Take the alt scimitars and go up the path. Kill the bats, jump down to the ground, then grapple your way to the next area.


We're back at the tower. Kill the statues with your alt crossbow/shotgun and any finishers that you may have, then use your alt crossbow on the emblem for a cheat glyph (Metal Body). Cross the statue above once again to reach the next area.

Attack the bats and climb up the cliff like before.

Boss: Igor

Use your alt crossbow on this boss just like before, until you see him try a new attack. This attack involves a 4-way spinning laser on the ground and it can be pretty annoying. As soon as you see it, you should double-jump onto the pillar on the left side of this room to get to the upper level. From here you can continue to use your alt crossbow without having to worry about the new attack. You can use your scimitars when the boss comes close if you want.


Mountain path

Kill the birds while you follow the path up, then use your alt crossbow on the symbol. Get the easter egg and go through the doors.

Castle entrance

Use the shotgun on the small door on your right for a cheat glyph (Shadow Body), then kill the bats and destroy the urns for glyphs and go through the next door.

Bat nest

You find and release Anna who notices Van Helsing has been bitten by Velkan. Use your alt crossbow on the demons and drop through either of the holes in the ground.

Machine room

Kill the minions and use your electric gun multiple times on the blue valve until a bunch of machines come to life and open a door, then go through that door to ride an elevator. Follow the walkway in either direction and go through the doors.

Bat nest (upper level)

Go left through a hole in the wall and grapple across the gap. Destroy statues for glyphs. Then grapple right from the end of the carpet and take the life increaser half. Grapple back to the other ledge and go through the next door.

Gatling gun

Fight your way past the nearly endless stream of minions and get the gatling gun in the far left corner. Then proceed on the elevator.


Use the gatling gun on the emblem and about 5 demons beyond, then jump the railing in the far right corner of this room for the half life increaser and go through the next door.

Torture room

Break open the cell to the left, kill the skeleton and get the ammo replenisher. Go through the door.

Blood pool

Use your gatling gun on the demons in the three alcoves, then use your alt electric gun several times on the blue nodes to charge them and to raise the egg pedestal in the blood pool.

Use your Easter egg on that pedestal to unlock "challenge 3 - blood bath" and get taken to the challenge hub once again. Then return to the blood pool and keep grappling higher and higher until you get through the doors at the top.


Destroy the statues. Drop down a gap near this end of the bridge for a replenisher, then cross the bridge.

Boss: Demon Aleera

The boss likes to use a dive attack on you when at close range, so dodge back to keep your distance. You'll need to dodge a stream of fireballs or an electrical beam when far away, so dodge to either side accordingly. Sometimes the boss brings up 4 fireballs out of the ground where you are standing, so keep dodging when this happens. A similar attack involves 4 fireballs falling from the sky, but you avoid it in the same way. You can use your alt cross when you have the energy if you want, but I just used the gatling gun to deal with this boss.


Tanks room

Use the gatling gun to take out the demons and climb the stairs until they split. Take the stairs that go left across to a glowing door and use your alt electric gun on the blue node. Take the alt gatling gun from inside the door, then climb the rest of the stairs and go through the door at the top.

Newborn bats

Ignore the bats and jump off this platform at the top right, then look for the stairs at the back of this next section. Follow the stairs down and left as they turn, then go through the door at the bottom. Jump off the ledge and down into the large hole in the ground.

Boss: Demon Dracula

The boss's first attack involves 8 ice pillars rising from the ground, but they shouldn't hit you if you keep moving. The next attack is a stream of curving electrical shots, every much like the fireball stream that Demon Aleera had. You want to dodge to the side a few times to get past this attack. The boss swoops after flying up high and screaming [dodge to the side] and can also flap his wings on the ground to send out shockwaves [also dodge to the side].

You want to use your alt pistols when you have alt energy and the gatling gun when you don't. This is the last battle so don't be afraid to use your replenishers once you've got a handle on his attacks.


After the credits roll, you can save your current character in a new game, keeping all of your weapons and upgrades, and even try to get a few cheats that you weren't able to get before.

There are cheats to be found in missions 1 and 5 now that you have the alt gatling gun.