Van Helsing


Cheat glyphs

Most cheats are unlocked by finding bright glyphs within the game. These are usually well hidden and need to be picked up by pressing the action button. While most 'cheats' do not offer an actual game advantage, some do, but those require a second playthrough of the game as it requires you to have the gatling gun or rifle to find them.

To use a cheat, enter the pause menu, select the inventory, go to the cheats tab and enable (or disable) the cheats at your disposal.

Ranked in order of appearance:


- Ghost Body: turns Van Helsing transparent. At the train station, hit the door with the symbol with alt tojo blades to find it.

- Big Head: gives Van Helsing a big head (duh...). At the train station, it lays on the ground behind the wagon.

- Ghost Fiend: turns enemies transparent. At the town square, just past the empty water well, go left past some awnings and use the alt tojo blades on the symbol.

- Color Body: in the church's crypt, in an alcove to the right (just before the exit stairs to the mausoleum), shoot the symbol with the shotgun.

- Big Melee: Gives Van Helsing larger melee weapons. In the church's mausoleum where you find the crossbow, the cheat glyph is in the open coffin at the back left.

- Plain World: On the mountain ledge with the small waterfall, after the guard tower and the ledges you grapple onto, jump on the tall lone rock formation and grapple.

- Archaic Clothes: in Frankenstein's lab, where you first fight Dracula, the cheat glyph is in the green acid vat near the back left. Note that you can still acquire it in mission 8: Escape from Castle Frankenstein, as you pass the lab again, so no need to do it mid boss battle.

- Sick Player: in the second cave of Frankenstein's cave, jump to the ground and use your shotgun on the symbol.

- Metal Fiend: In mission 7: Return to Castle Frankenstein, when on top of the waterfall, drop down between the icicles where the ledge is a bit narrower, to land on a small edge just below.

- Small Fiend: Turns enemies into miniature forms of themselves. When reentering castle Frankenstein through another small courtyard where you are attacked by werewolves, use the lion statue in the small fountain.

- Shadow Fiend: while escaping with the horse carriage, get hit when on the horses to get knocked under the carriage and quickly grab the cheat glyph.

- Metal Body: when returning to the guard tower (when you are attacked by the statues), use your alt crossbow on the emblem.

- Shadow Body: Just you enter the entrance hall of castle Dracula, look for a small door to Van Helsing's left and use the shotgun on it.


- Translucent Body: does xxx?. At the broken bridge past the train station, jump in the chasm where the crane lever is and use the gatling gun on the door with the symbol.

- Unlimited Speed: in the courtyard of castle Frankenstein, grapple by the tree near where the half-life increaser is and use the gatling gun or rifle on the symbol.

- Armory Anytime: get access to the armory while playing through the pause menu, instead of just at the end of each mission. In the room before the tanks room in Castle Frankenstein grapple up the ledge and use the gatling gun or rifle on the symbol.

Other cheats

Unlimited Ammo: Defeat the game on Hard Mode

Power Clothes: Defeat all bosses with hat on. Remember if your hat drops, you can pick it up again.

The rifle

Complete all 5 challenges to get this powerful bonus weapon. There is no alt rifle in the game.

Bonus movies

While in the game, make the following moves to unlock bonus movies, which become accessible in the bonus features in the main menu.

Movie 1 - UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, L1, L3, R3, R1


Movie 3 - L1, L2, R2, R1, L2, L1, UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, SELECT


Movie 5 - L2, R2, L1, R1, SELECT, SELECT, L1, L1, R2, R2, L3, R3

Movie 6 - R2, R1, R2, L1, L2, L1, L2, LEFT, RIGHT, SELECT, SELECT

Movie 7 - L3, LEFT, R3, RIGHT, L2, UP, R2, DOWN, L1, LEFT, R1, RIGHT