King's Quest 2: Romancing the Stones

Easter eggs

Easter Eggs in King's Quest 2: Romancing the Stones

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- As in the King's Quest I VGA remake, clicking the talk-cursor on yourself can result in a line saying: "I still wish I had an owl to keep me company.", referring to Cedric the owl of King;s Quest V.

- Possum's name is a reference to a children's book called "Possum Magic" by Mem Fox.
- There are several familiar tunes in the soundtrack. The sharkee music is a familiar Jaws-reference, the theme of the Cloud spirit is based on the theme that played in King's Quest I's Cloudland, the music during the second cloud test contains parts of the King's Quest III introduction, and the music during the third part of the cloud test is based on the theme of Mask of Eternity.
- Caldaur is an anagram of Dracula.
- Kolyma's former ruler was called Count Kraestromb. Kraestromb is an anagram of Bram Stoker, the writer of Dracula.
- Llowh'wof (the head monk) is another anagram for Wolf Howl.
- Count Caldaur's appearance was modeled after King Ludwig II of Bavaria.
- Try using the mallet on the pumpkin baby while you're carrying it, or the pumpkins growing in the patch to get the message "You are not into 'smashing pumpkins'.", referring to the rock band.

Northernmost beach screen

- Talking to the hill results in a reference to "The Sound of Music."

Beach west of Hagatha's cave

- Talking to the rocks jutting out from the sea will sometimes net you a "Rocky and Bullwinkle" reference.

Hagatha's cave

- There's a slight chance of Batman driving in and out of Hagatha's cave, eventually crashing off-screen. This egg was also present in the original King's Quest 2.

- Talking to the skulls might end up in them talking back. One of them is Bonehead from Quest for Glory.

Forest east of Hagatha's cave
- Clicking the talk-cursor on the stump will reveal a Forrest Gump reference.

-Clicking the talk-cursor on the log near the stump will reveal a "King's Log," a Star Trek reference.

Forest south of dwarf tree
-Clicking the hand-cursor on the ground will reveal the message "Trying to find Forrester? He's not here!", referring to the film "Finding Forrester."

Swan lake
-Talking to the rocks will reveal a reference to Queen.

Kolyma gate
-The symbol above the gate is the typical King's Quest symbol that's also displayed on the grey title screens of the King's Quest I remake, the King's Quest II remake, King's Quest V, and King's Quest VI.

- Talking to the pillars of the town gate will reveal a reference to Bill Gates from Microsoft.

-On top of the file cabinet are several game boxes of past Sierra games.

- Clicking the hand-cursor on the piles of books reveals a Mary Poppins reference.

- Clicking the talk-cursor on the same piles mentions Teddy Ruxpin.

- One of the books mentions the guidebook to the Land of the Green Isles. This guidebook was included with King's Quest VI.

-There are TONS of references among the contents of the shelves. Among them are several King's Quest VI references, a few Quest for Glory references, and some references to movies and books. The book called "Future's History" is the title of Daniel Stacey's Space Quest fanfic.

- Clicking talk on the shelves will reveal a reference to the bookworm from King's Quest VI.

-The final book the librarian lets you read contains some references to other King's Quest games.

Antique shop

- The mallet near the entrance belongs to Brauggi, a character from Quest for Glory I.

- The dragon head is either the Dragon of Doom or the dragon image that appears when casting the Dragonfire spell from Quest for Glory V.

- The little can on the right of the droid contains 7-up.

- The little droid on the shelf is the retrieval unit from Space Quest I.

- The sorcerer's hat belongs to Simon the Sorcerer (another adventure game).

- Clicking the talk-cursor on the magical carpet before taking it gives you a part of the song "A Whole New World" from Disney's Aladdin, not to mention the fact that Aladdin's name is (partly) inscribed on the carpet.

- The genie's name (Ni'Bor Si'Ma'Will) is an anagram of Robin Williams, who did the voice of the genie in Disney's Aladdin.

Mountain plateau

- Talking to the snake may reveal a reference to Harry Potter.

- Putting your hand in the hole in the rock near the entrance of the enchanter's cave will reveal a shameless plug for an upcoming project from AGDI (in the spirit of the Space Quest I plug in the original King's Quest II).

Cloud tests

- The name of Graham's pal in the first test (Malvolio) is the name of a character of Shakespeare's "The Twelfth Night." The name literally means "I mean ill will." The same play is also mentioned if you try to enter the northern or eastern part of town too many times.

- Selecting the right options will reveal a hidden option in the third test. You won't be able to obtain the perfect score by selecting this option, but "The Madness of King Graham" brings about a cameo of Cedric the owl.


-Clicking the hand on the church bell reveals a reference to Laura Bow.

- One of the graves in the cemetery behind the church contains a reference to Quest for Glory.

- Getting dragged into a grave in either graveyard will let you hear a Psycho-like death theme.

Castle cemetery
- There's a reference to Olga and Boris from Quest for Glory IV on one of the tombstones.

The message on the tombstone near the one mentioned above contains a randomly determined message about:
Sierra On-Line
Anna and the King of Siam
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Sound of Music
Crocodile Dundee
Lethal Weapon
War of the Roses
Star Wars
Black Adder
John Bell (the game's narrator)

- The two switched bodies, Lord Christopher Eveer and the healer Larmon Odnarb, are anagrams of Christopher Reeve and Marlon Brando. These two actors played Clark/Superman and his father Jor-el in Superman.

Castle library

- Showing the key from the black book to Anastasia will trigger a comment about the odd object placement in the original King's Quest game.

Castle hall

- Clicking the hand on the barrels will trigger a reference to Mask of Eternity.

Door of Destiny
- Selecting the wrong realm will warp Graham to one of the other Sierra series (or into another King's Quest game). You'll die though.

Beach of Enchanted Realm
- Clicking talk on the cliffs will reveal a Wizard of Oz reference.


- Attending the wedding is Batman as well as game developers Chris Warren, Britney Brimhall, Daniel Stacey and Tom Lewandowski.

There are several characters from the King's Quest I remake in the audience in Daventry's throne room.

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