King's Quest 2: Romancing the Stones

Packaging & content

King's Quest 2: Romancing the Stones was never released as a physical copy. There are 7 different digital versions.

AGDI's King's Quest II remake was released on December 3rd, 2002. This marked the development team's second completed remake achievement. A few weeks later on December 17th, 2002, an updated version was put out in the form of Version 1.1. This build fixed some small bugs and issues that had been reported in the first public release.

The initial voice pack for Romancing the Stones was released on April 2nd, 2003, alongside another updated version of the game (version 2.0). An April Fools Day "voice pack" announcement, which was made the previous day on our forums, caused much speculation as to whether this announcement was a prank or not. Much to the delight of fans, a real voice pack was actually released the very next day.

Version 3.0 of the King's Quest II remake was released on March 14, 2009. This now includes the music and speech packs as part of the game download, as well as adding a plethora of touch-ups, enhancements, improvements, and many other new features to the game. Version 3.1 of the King's Quest II remake was released for both PC/Windows and Apple Mac on September 1st, 2010. This build addresses several minor bugs and oversights.

Version updates

Version 1.1: released 12/17/2002

-Fixed nasty crash which could occur when saving and replacing savegames.
-Fixed a huge bug that caused the game to freeze-up in random places and also caused digital sounds and music to get stuck in a repetitive looping glitch.
-Fixed a bug involving odd symbols and characters overloading the savegame listbox.
-Fixed a bug which caused video files not to play on some systems.
-Removed two dead-end situations from the game (forgetting to pick up the cat hair and forgetting the combination to the Sharkee King's treasury).
-Ship at start of game will no longer move while the icon bar is visible or game is paused.
-Possum crying sound (in forest at night) is no longer heard prematurely.
-Savegame files are now much smaller.
-Added a new-close up image during Graham's confrontation with the Enchanter scene.
-Graham must now read the Enchantments book before he is allowed to place any ingredients inside the beaker.
-Fixed a bug which prevented Graham from leaving the ugly duckling's pond to the south.
-Fixed a bug when taking baby pumpkin from the merchant that caused the game to lock up if any of the save/restore/inventory/options menus were open while the timer expired for the merchant to return to his stand.
-Graham can no longer get stuck standing in the pumpkin patch.
-Fixed a lock up in the scene where the werewolf is in grandma's bed.
-Fixed a bug where Graham's cloak dissapeared if he was wearing it while bending down to look into a log.
-Fixed "Too many screen overlays" error message and crash when Hagatha chants her curse.
-Fixed "Too many screen overlays" error message and crash when Hagatha looks in the tower room mirror.
-Fixed possible "Too many screen overlays" error message in haystack screen.
-Fixed possible "Too many screen overlays" error message in castle library screen.
-Fixed a bug in the Sharkee realm where restoring the game resulted in black patches on the screen.
-Fixed a bug which mistakenly allowed Ctrl+Q to be pressed during the third test, thus causing odd results.
-Fixed several bugs which caused on-screen speech to remain visible instead of disappearing if the icon bar, inventory menu, or options menus were accessed.
-Fixed a bug where Graham appeared briefly at the bottom of the screen when falling off cliffs at plateau or at northern edge of Door of Destiny.
-Fixed bug which allowed player to save while walking out of the town library door, thus not being able to walk again upon restoring the game.
-Fixed a lock up that occurred when player accessed inventory while wolves run out.
-Fixed various clipping and walk-behind errors.
-Fixed various spelling and grammar errors.

Version 2.0: released 04/02/2003

-Added speech pack support!
-Added the ability to press CTRL+C in the savegame GUI to quickly clear the text box.
-Added an alternate (non-violent) solution to the Wolf/crossroad puzzle and re-arranged points accordingly
-Added points scoring sound to some screens where it was missing
-Fixed a lock up after Enchanter kills Graham and restore/restart/quit box appears
-Fixed a lock up which could occur when player leaves the screen and clicks on the Options menu at the same time
-Fixed a bug which caused Hagatha to talk for too long if she catches Graham in her cave after chanting
-Fixed a bug where the door to the quartz tower could be opened by clicking on the first symbol only
-Removed the setup option to use 960x600 resolution
-Prevented player from being able to drink youth potion while stuck on bridge
-Prevented player from being able to bring up inventory window when Save and Restore Windows were already on screen
-Prevented Enchanter from entering Row of 6 Stones screen if Death Window is already on screen
-Music tracks now crossfade
-Multiple sound channels added
-Inventory scrollbar now resets to the top item if you close it, enter a new screen, and then open it again
-Changed the wording of the twin lion statue's first poem so that it does not cause a contradiction
-Book title pop-ups will not appear while inventory screen is active in bookcase puzzle screen
-Characters no longer walk directly through each other
-Bunch of other minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 3.0: released 03/14/2009

- Added: All game backgrounds have been re-edited to bring them up to a higher level of quality
- Added: All character dialog portraits have been enlarged and enhanced for higher quality and lip-syncing
- Added: full Narrator speech for "Voice Only" and "Voice and Text" modes
- Added: lip-syncing for all character speech
- Added: diagonal walking frames for King Graham
- Added: proper Vista & Windows 7 support and functionality
- Added: The game now supports 50 save-game files (the old limit was 20)
- Added: Save-game files can now be directly loaded by double-clicking on them from Explorer
- Added: a new button in the options menu to allow the player to skip walking by pressing the Escape key
- Added: new AGD Interactive logo movie to replace the old Tierra version
- Added: music.vox and speech.vox files to the installer, rather than having them as add-on packs
- Added: right-click mouse button functionality to the inventory menu
- Added: enhanced visual appearance of graphical buttons, sliders, and text in the options menu
- Fixed: some minor spelling and grammar issues
- Fixed: All large in-game text blocks (such as F1 help) can now be skipped with the Escape key
- Fixed: a multitude of small bugs and glitches (too many to list!)
- Changed: The game now natively plays Ogg Theora video files, preventing potential video stream freezes
- Changed: installation directory to reflect the new AGD Interactive Program Files folder (no longer Tierra)
- Changed: The game manual has been remade and edited into PDF format (no longer XHTML)
- Changed: All developer references in-game, in disclaimers, and in text files now referred to as AGD Interactive, LLC

Version 3.1: released 09/01/2010

- Fixed: a crash on the title screen triggered by reloading the game in Vista without Admin privileges
- Fixed: a crash when loading save-game files by double-clicking on them and then clicking restart
- Fixed: a bug where character and object tint/shade levels displayed incorrectly under Direct3D mode
- Fixed: potential freezing of the video stream in the introduction Magic Mirror movie sequence
- Fixed: a bug where the mouth icon became active in the final Cloud Spirit test instead of the arrow
- Fixed: a bug which made it possible to walk using the arrow keys when the walk icon was disabled
- Fixed: a bug when reading the bible which caused the wrong background frame to appear behind the page
- Fixed: graphics filters in the winsetup.exe program crashing the game
- Fixed: an oversight where the Count could appear during the swamp wolf ambush scene.
- Changed: the visibility of Graham and the seahorse as they near the fake wall in the Sharkee's realm
- Changed: the appearance of Graham's hair in the dialog portrait without his adventurer's hat
- Changed: save-games to be saved in the game directory again rather than in My Documents/My Saved Games
- Changed: the game's installer to use Inno Setup for better compression and performance
- Added: a checkbox to the installer asking whether the user wants to create a game desktop icon or not

Version 3.1b: released ???

- Fixed: save-game files potentially getting misnumbered and then overwriting existing save-games
- Fixed: Centered all GUIs
- Fixed: Tweaked the dresser's baseline in Valanice's Tower room to prevent a potential z-order glitch
- Added: a Confirm Overwrite GUI when trying to save over existing slots without editing the text description

Version 3.1c: released ???

- Fixed: a lock-up when pressing F5 or F7 while the Disciple of the Cloud is descending in the crossroads screen
- Fixed: a glitch where you could press the "Quit Game" hotkey when other GUIs were already on-screen
- Changed: Launcher.exe to a single file
- Added: F9 hotkey functionality to invoke the "Restart Game" GUI