Leisure Suit Larry VII: Love for Sail!


Start Up Screen

The first time you play Love for Sail! you'll skip the Start Up screen and get right into the action, so don't go looking for it. Don't worry. You'll get to see plenty of it soon enough!

Resume Your Previous Game: Click this to be placed right back in the game where you were the last time you quit. Pretty hands, no? Of course, if you haven't Quit, you can't resume. (Duh!)

Open an Existing Game: Click this to resume a different saved game. Of course, if you haven't saved, you can't open.

Start a Brand New Game: Click this to start a new game from the very beginning. You'll lose your previous game, you know. This time, try listening to the Swedish Fire Chief!

Visit the Larry Web Site: No longer operational. When you used to click here, your web browser launched the Leisure Suit Larry website.

Lemme Outta Here! (Exit): Click this and... oh, just take a wild guess!

The Menu Bar

Move your cursor to the upper-left corner of the game's graphics area and a menu bar appears. (If your screen is larger than the game window, be sure to stay inside the game window and below the title bar). Select an action from the menu. Most work exactly like other menus you know and love. Try 'em all.. at least once. some will bring you back again and again, screaming with delight!

The File Menu

New starts a new game (Duh). You probably won't use this much, but the File Menu looked all naked without it.

Open restores a previously saved game. If you haven't saved your game, this function is pretty much worthless.

Save saves your current position. But you don't really need this in Love For Sail because you can't die and you can't get trapped. The newer easier method is to just quit the game. We'll save your place automatically. Then resume and you're right back where you were. But, we kept Save around just in case you want to mark some fun spots. Hint: when entering the save game's description, Ctrl-C quickly clears away the old description.

Quit is the proper way to leave the game. Your position is saved automatically, so the next time you start, you can just select "Resume" on the start up screen and you'll be returned to right where you were. Note: exiting any other way does not save your current position. Better hope you saved!

The Game Menu

Map takes you to the ship's map.

Inventory brings up the inventory window. See more information below.

Score tells you how you're doing. It's also on the right mouse-click shortcut menu.

Audio Mixer lets you adjust the relative volume levels of the game's background music, dialogue, and sound effects. Don't like our mix? Think you can do better? Fine! Do your own. (Screw it up? Click "Default")

Boss is coming: Oh, take a wild guess!

Walking Speed lets you change how fast Larry walks.

Increase Filth Level makes the game much more rancid.
Decrease Filth Level makes the game much less rancid.

Ship Stabilizer stops the "motion of the ocean" outside the ship's portholes.

Closed Caption turns the sub-titles at the bottom of the screen off and on. Highly recommended for airplane flights when you forget your headphones.

The Help Menu

Help offers a few suggestions about how to get started playing adventure games.

Hints does almost nothing.

Customer Service gives you the no longer available telephone, fa and email numbers for Sierra worldwide. In other words, just ask for help here on the Sierra Chest ;).

About...: WARNING: NEVER TRY THIS! Also: do not pause your cursor over the team members' faces.

Game Play

The cursor

The "packaged cursor" means the game is presently busy. Wait a while and the special "Larryesque" cursor will appear. Move it around. When it's not highlighted, clicking it makes Larry walk as close as possible to where you clicked. But when it does "highlight" (in its own inimitable way), you've found something interactive. Then you should left click. A left click displays a context-sensitive menu of verbs unique to that subject. Try them all, including "Others...", which means...


Selecting "Other..." lets you type in your own verbs. Typing is important in Love for Sail! Some puzzles can only be solved by typing. But all you need to type is the verb. Nouns aren't necessary. (You clicked on the noun, remember?) And you usually only need to type one word. We save the most recent for you, so you don't have to retype them. And like Mrs. Bradley tried to tell you in third grade, spelling does count.


Talking to people produces a varying menu of topics. Again, "Other..." lets you type in topics of your own. Here's it's the verb that's unnecessary. All you need to type is the (usually) one-word topic. Remember, some puzzles can only be solved by typing. Note: Topics change color when you hear them (for example, "Telephone" in the illustration). You never need t listen to a topic a second time, unless you just forgot to take notes the first time!

CyberSNIFF 2000

Do not become alarmed when you see (and hear!) the CyberSNIFF 2000 logo. Do not run screaming from your home. No, it's just the latest in multi-multi-media as Love for Sail! tickles yet another of your senses. When the CyberSNIFF 2000 logo appears at the bottom of your screen, carefully remove your CyberSNIFF 2000 card from its jewel-encrusted case... (What? Oh.) Sorry... from the CD's jewel box case. Gently rub your fingernail once across the colored square matching the number shown. Then, stick your nose in it... and enjoy!

Right Click Shortcuts

Right clicking anywhere provides a convenient list of shortcuts to common menu items. Sure, you could use the regular pull-down menus, but this way it's easy to do the things you do the most.

Once you board the PMS Bouncy, you receive a map of the ship. It's the quick and easy way to move through the game. No more walking around. From the pull-down Game menu, select Map, or use your right-click shortcut menu. Move the cursor around the ship until it's over where you want to go. Click and "Poof!" You're there.

The inventory Window is where you use the objects you find From the pull-down Game menu, select Inventory, or use the right-click shortcut.
Taking objects: Sometimes when you click on an object, its menu includes "Take". Take it - you'll be glad you did. The object you took then appears in your inventory window and in the "Use..." list.

Using objects: To use an object you've taken, first click on an on-screen object. Then, from its resulting menu, select "Use...". Slide your mouse over and down until it's over the object you wantto use. Click. Hint: first select the on-scree object to receive the action, then select the Inventory item to be used. Example: to use the banana on the toilet seat, first click the toilet. Then, from the toilet's "Use..." menu, select "Banana".

Manipulating objects: Some objects may be manipulated in the Inventory window. Check each inventory item carefully. Some conceal important information! Try 'em all!

Combining Objects: Some inventory objects may be combined with other inventory objects to create new inventory objects. To do this, go to the inventory window. Left click on an object. From its menu, select "Use...". Slide your mouse over and down until it's over the object you want to use. Click. Hint: it works exactly like the game: first select the on-screen object, then select the inventory object to use on it. Example: to rub the banana on the cattle prod, first click the cattle prod. Then, from the cattle prod's "Use..." menu, select "banana".


Love for Sail! is a game of exploration. So don't miss anything! Look at each new scene carefully. Click on anything that causes your cursor to highlight. Try all the menu choices. Talk to everyone you see. take notes. Remember what they say, as it may come in handy later as something to talk about with one of your new friends.

Things change during the course of the game. New characters may appear. Keep looking around. Think creatively. When you get "stuck", leave and explore other areas. You never know where you might find just what you need. Above all, let your imagination run wild, and have fun!

Be a Star!

Love for Sail! is the first computer game in history to put you on-screen and in the action. Just follow the steps below. Of course, if any of this doesn't make sense to you, you're probably just not ready to "be a star!"

CyberSCAN 2000

Want to see your face on-screen? Hee's how: scan a picture of your face ad save it as a 256-color BMP file in your Larry sub-directory. Name it 1.BMP. See the BEASTAR.TXT file in that sub-directory for more information. Hint: for best results, crop the file so it's mostly your face.

CyberVOX 2000

Want to act? Want a role as the off-screen waiter? Use your Windows-supported sound card and microphone to add your voice to Love for Sail! Here's how: go to the Larry sub-directory. Open a file named VOICE.TXT in Notepad. It contains your script and further instructions. Also run Sound Recorder or whatever you use to record wave files). Position both programs' windows side-by-side so you can read your lines in Notepad while recording your dialog. Be funny!

CyberSYSTEM 2000

Set your Windows wallpaper to LARRY7.BMP in the Larry sub-directory. Then, as you make progress in the game, we'll update your wallpaper to reflect your "latest conquest". Note: Windows only loads your wallpaper as it starts up, so you may not see it change until tomorrow.

CyberSOUND 2000

Add your own sound effects? Sure! Maintaining the tradition of recent Leisure Suit Larry games, Love for Sail! lets you "improve" the game at the touch of a (Bodily) Function Key. Try 'em all! Amuse your friends. Enjoy!