Leisure Suit Larry VII: Love for Sail!

Tech support

Original game requirements

- MS-DOS 5.2 or Windows 3.1 or greater
- 486 DX/2 66 minimum
- 2x CD-ROM
- 8 MB RAM (DOS), 12MB (Windows)
- 22 MB Hard drive space
- SVGA, 256 colors
- 100% Sound Blaster compatible with DAC
- Mouse

Leisure Suit Larry 7 DOSBox Installer

Leisure Suit Larry 7 can be run under DOSBox (either in DOS mode or by installing Windows 3.x in DOSBox). If you are not familiar with DOSBox, you can use this automatic installer from the SierraHelp pages.

Larry 7 XP/Vista Installer

This modified installer for XP/Vista of Leisure Suit Larry 7 has been created by SquirtTheCat.

Modified for Windows XP/Vista
- XP/Vista installer
- XP/Vista windows executable
- Scales to use entire screen (Direct3D bilinear interpolation)
- Per-user save games (Vista friendly)
- Fixes exceptions and script errors under XP/Vista

- Windows XP or Vista
- DirectX 9c (Direct3D)
- Leisure Suit Larry 7 CD set (not included): English or French

- English installer
- French installer