Leisure Suit Larry VII: Love for Sail!


01) Captain's Quarters
The only time when you can enter the door, is when you've won all the competitions. In other words: no need to be here until the very end of the game. You can come check your progress on the board next to the door though.
02) The bridge
In need of polyester? Climb the ladder to reach the ships sails. You'll have to find a way to open those sails though. The circuit board might help, if only you'd have a screwdriver to open it, and a jumper wire to mess with the electronics. Also, make sure to check out that cabin for a dildo.
03) Aft Deck
You can directly enter the Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge from here. Peggy is here, walking between the 3 sections of this deck. There is also a dildo behind the dildo topiary.
04) Promenade Deck
Peggy roams here too. Yet another dildo can be found here. Take the waterhose to fix your cabin's toilet problem.
05) Fo'c's'le
If Peggy is not here, then Rod, the handsome sailor that entertains the many children on board, is. There is also a Dildo below the sheep topiary.
06) Proud Lil' Seaman Lounge
In this Lounge, Peter the purser will explain the contest. Notice the dildo near the middle seat. The Juggs will also play an act here, after which you will find their clothing lights and the remote control on stage. Also make sure to "feel" the mixer to unlock one of Drew's Easter Eggs. Bill Clinton will also come on stage to torture the player with 40 minutes of jokes. On the other side of the room is Johnson, the bartender (notice the dildo on the left side). Johnson will provide Larry with limejuice which he will need to complete the cook-off competition. The door next to Johnson is the dress room of the Juggs, but you'll have to keep Johnson occupied, so he won't notice you're entering it. Inside the dress room, there's another dildo, a button to lower the stage lamp and deodorant spray (which you need to swap).
07) Owner's Suite
Annette Boning's and her old man's room. The 2nd time you go there, make sure to unzip the bulge of the third guy on the left before pushing the door bell to unlock Annette's Easter Egg.
08) Horseshoes Competition
There's another dildo on the lower deck.
09) Poop Deck
Where Larry meets the Juggs in the bubble bath.
10) Library
Victoria's hideout. There will be a lot of book swapping going on here. You will also need the mucilage on the table. Notice the dildo at the entrance screen and another dildo after Victoria has become Vicky. Also read the books on "Fokker" and "Electro magnetism". "Milk" the beaver to unlock the Juggs' Easter Egg.
11) Purser's Desk
You will need to trick Peter in giving you back your passport and use the public phone to discover Annette's room number.
12) The Heaving Ho'
There a dildo in the Greek salad. You will need to eat bean dip to create some room in the casino. At Wang's table (notice another dildo) you'll need the carver's knife and red right bulb.
13) Kitchen
Where de "quiche Larry" is made. Make sure to look around to catch every point. There is also a dildo near the sausages.
14) Clothing Optional Pool
Drew's place. You will find the book of Hercules on her table. Also don't forget to read the magazine.
15) Bowling Competition
Another dildo on the right side.
16) Employees Only
Xqwzts is hiding behind those lockers. You can also find a jumper wire, sexual lubricant and another dildo here. Also make sure to read the message board.
17) Pair o' Dice Casino
You will meet Dewmy More here after cheating your way through the craps competition. Another dildo on the lower section.
18) El Replicant Sculpture Garden
Plenty of dice in that Venus statue. I'm sure they won't notice a few missing. This room is also exactly below the horseshoes competition. You can see the spike sticking through the ceiling. There's another dildo behind the David statue and a screwdriver to be found here.
19) Das Grande Atriumo
Several dildo's are located here. Make sure to look out for them each time you enter the atrium.
20) Best Dressed Competition
Another dildo behind the computer. Otherwise there is not much to do here, except to compete of course.
21) Cook-Off Competition
Just hand over your creation from the kitchen.
22) Sexual Prowess Competition
Who ARE those people in the other cabins? Another dildo on the right side. And of course we push every button we see.
23) Captain Queeg's Ballroom
Jamie's rented room to work on her fashion designs. No less than 3 dildos are here, so make sure you have them all before giving Jamie the polyester cloth.
24) Aft Hold
Where the bowling cones are.
25) Lower Aft Hold
There can be only one place to get real Venezuelan beaver milk. Here it is.
26) Cabin 0
The most spacious suite of the ship, though not the most comfortable one... You'll need to fix that toilet somehow. You will also find 3 dildo's here. Behind the bucket, behind the toilet and between the pipes.
27) Cabin 510
Dewmi's suite where the Strip Liar's Dice is played. Take the Orgasmic powder when you return here.
28) Forward Hold
Here somewhere should be Drew's luggage, and another dildo.