Dark Angel (James Cameron's)


Main menu

New Game: Start a new game from the beginning.

Load Game: Continue a previously saved game.

Options: Adjust various game options (see below).

Extras: Various bonus content that can be viewed.

New Game

To start a new game, choose "New Game" from the Main Menu. A new screen will appear which will provide an option to choose one of three levels of difficulty.

Dominate (easy): The forces of Tri-Tech are weak and fearful. Your strength is immense, your luck legendary and your aggression intimidating. This is not a challenge worthy of an X-5 warrior.

Contend (normal): The enemy is tough, intelligent and well trained. You are strong, fearless and strategic. Your victory will be well earned and satisfying.

Survive (hard): The enemy could best a force ten times its size. You are but a lone soldier, with limited supplies. Only the chosen one can overcome these odds.

Once the level of difficulty is chosen, the game will begin.

Saving, loading and deleting games, and checkpoints

The player can only save a game after successfully completing a mission, not during the mission itself. There are very few checkpoints within missions - mostly before boss fights - and many missions don't have any checkpoints at all (other than after completing them) so, if you lose even near the end of a mission, you'll have to restart from the beginning.

After completing a stage (mission), a message will appear asking you if you wish to save progress or continue without saving. If you choose to continue without saving, you will lose your progress once the power button is turned off. If you choose to save, you will be taken to the Memory Units screen. Choose a unit and select a slot where to save the game to. You will be told if your save was successful or not. When successful, you can continue playing the game.

To load a saved game, choose "Load Game" from the Main Menu. You will be taken to the "Memory Unit" screen which will ask where to load the saved game from. Upon selection the screen will display all games that are found. Choose the game you want to load and follow the on-screen prompts.

To delete a saved game, you can do this in either the Save Game or Load Game screen. Choose the game you want to delete, then press the 'delete' button and follow the on-screen prompts.


Sound: Select 'Sound' to allow you to change the volume of the music, voices, sound effects or movies by pressing the directional button left or right.

Controller: Select 'Controller' to cycle through different controller configurations by pressing the directional pad left or right.

Vibration: Highlight 'Vibration' to turn controller vibration on or off by pressing the directional pad left or right.

Y-Axis: Highlight 'Y-Axis' to change the vertical view controls by pressing the directional pad left or right. This only applies to Super Vision mode (first-person camera view).

Language: Highlight 'Language' to change the language by pressing the directional pad left or right and pressing the A (XBox) or X (PS2) button.

Default Settings Restores default settings.

Apply Settings: Select 'Apply Settings' to accept all changes.

Once all your selections are made, select 'Apply Settings' and then the BACK button to return to the previous menu (either them main menu or pause menu, depending from which one you accessed the options menu).

Pause menu

Pressing the 'Start' button during game play will take you to the pause menu where the choices are slightly different.

Continue Game: Resumes game play.

Quit Game: Ends current game and returns the user to the Main Menu.

Replay Stage: Allows you to reset the game to the beginning of the current stage.

Options: Lets you adjust various game options (see above). The options menu is also accessible through the Main Menu.

Mission Log: Lets you review all your mission objectives and Logan's transmissions.