Scarface: The World Is Yours


After completing (or skipping) the combat tutorial, the game shows its opening movie which basically consists of the short version of the movie Scarface (if you haven't seen the movie yet, go get it! ). The opening movie ends where Tony starts defending himself in his mansion against the invading forces of Sosa. In the movie Tony Montana gets killed. Now it's the player's turn to play Tony, try to survive the shootout and escape the mansion.

Game opening movie:

In this mission the player has unlimited ammo, a bunch of health packs and rage mode fills up really fast, so basically this is still a sort of tutorial. When the game gives you control of Tony, turn around and kill the Skull (the person who shoots Tony in the back with a shotgun, like in the movie). Clear out the gangsters downstairs. Remember that you have grenades as alternate fire (middle mouse button for PC) which comes in handy to take out gangsters which are hiding behind objects. When you get downstairs, rage mode will automatically trigger. Go left and into the bar with the pool table and take out the gangsters. If you're injured, there's a healthpack behind the bar. Once the gangsters are all killed in this room a cutscene will start. After the cutscene, proceed through the secret passage and basement corridor and take out gangsters you run into. Make sure to clear the rooms on the way aswell.

Easter egg: if you die while standing on top of the stairs near the railing above the pool, Tony will die the same way as he did in the movie, giving a most pleasant deja-vu feeling . This however does not occur if the Skull has already been killed.

Checkpoint: "Every day above ground is a good day"

Tony exits the basement at the back of his mansion and meets his remaining henchmen who urge him to get to his car in front. While taking out gangsters, run around the mansion. Once you pass the first corner of the mansion a cutscene will show that cops are on their way and a timer of 3:20 will start counting down. Get to your car before time runs out. You have plenty of time to get there but make sure to taunt your victims in order to fill up rage mode. There are 2 places where rage mode will come in very handy: the first one is after the cutscene with Tony's tiger, the second one is in the labyrint in his garden just before reaching his car.

Escaping the mansion: