Police Quest IV: Open Season


Main menu

Introduction: Click this to start a new game, starting with the intro.

Play game: Click this to start a new game, without playing the intro.

Restore game: Click this to continue playing a game you have previously saved.

Credits: Click this to display the game credits. The credits will also automatically play when you have completed the game.

Instructions: Click this to see instructions on tech support, hint lines and more.

Quit: Click this to quit the game.

Game toolbar

While playing, move the mouse to the bottom of the game screen to display the toolbar.

Select one of the icons on the toolbar to perform certain actions. The mouse cursor will change to the icon you've selected. Alternatively you can also right-click the mouse to toggle between the different actions. From left to right:

Walk icon: use the walk icon to walk around on the game screen, walk to another screen, or to enter or exit a close-up screen. On some occasions the walk icon is also used to crouch or stand up from a sitting or laying position.

Look icon: use the look icon to look at items, people and the general environment. Looking at some things, for example your desk or the LAPD computer, may trigger a close-up view.

Use icon: select the use icon to pick up or manipulate objects, for example to open a door or drawer or to activate a computer. Objects you pick up are automatically placed in your inventory. Using some things, for example your desk or the LAPD computer, may trigger a close-up view.

Talk icon: select the talk icon to talk with people. Some people provide a brief response, while others, such as people you question, have so much to say a selection menu appears. Make sure to exhaust all conversation topics and to talk several times to a person until he starts repeating himself so you don't miss out on valuable clues.

Selected inventory item: when you select an inventory item in the inventory window and return to the game screen, the selected item will appear in this window in the toolbar for easy access. This is particularly handy when fast action is required, for instance to subdue a person who assaults you. When no inventory item is selected, this window is blanked out.

Inventory button: click on this icon to access the inventory window where you can select, look at, or combine inventory items.

Map button: clicking on this button will bring you to the LA city map, allowing you to move around the city. This button is only available on certain screens when you're on street level or near your car, and rarely when you're inside a building. For instance you cannot jump to the LA city map when you're on the 4th floor of the LAPD building - you need to take the elevator to the lobby first.

Control panel button: click this button to access the game's control panel where you can save/restore/restart/quit the game or change the game settings.

Question mark button: Select this button - your cursor will change to a question mark - and hover the cursor over any of the other buttons to get a brief description of what the button does.

Red/green light: Click on the red (lower) light for the toolbar to change to a Police Quest banner when your mouse is not in the toolbar area. click the green (upper) light to keep the toolbar visible at all times.

Inventory window

Click the inventory button on the game's toolbar to access the inventory window.

In this window you can see all the inventory items you carry. Use the scroll buttons to the right to scroll down or up to see more items. Note that the homicide kit is a special inventory item has it contains multiple items by itself. To see the items in the homicide kit, use the hand icon on it. There is no direct button to return to all other inventory items, so in order to see those again, exit and reenter the inventory window.

You can use the icons on top to look at, use, or select an inventory item. When selecting an inventory item, it will appear in the game's toolbar for easy access when you return to the game screen. You can also combine inventory items to create new inventory items, for example combine your notebook with a 3.14 follow-up form to create a report, or combine bullets with your handgun to reload your weapon.

Control panel (multimedia version)

Click the control panel button on the game's toolbar to access the game's control panel.

In the control panel you can save, restore, restart or quit the game, or continue playing. Note that (in the multimedia release on the 1997 Police Quest collection) there are 8 save positions. Any additional saves will replace the oldest save position without warning!

You can also change the game speed, general volume and game detail, using the plus and minus buttons below each setting. Pressing the Sierra logo will display the game credits. The multimedia release of the game also has a selection for text (subtitles) or speech, which the floppy version probably doesn't have. Sadly there is no option to have text and speech simultaneously.

And finally there is the current score box. Other than at the very end of the game, the score is only displayed in the control panel. It is unknown how high the maximum score is, though the Police Quest 4 hint book states it is 487. We however managed to score 503 points (see walkthrough).