Police Quest IV: Open Season

Tech support

Original game requirements

- MS-DOS 5.0 or Windows 3.0 or greater
- 386SX, minimum, 486 recommended
- 2x CD-ROM (CD-ROM version only)
- 4 MB RAM minimum, 8 MB recommended
- 3 MB Hard drive space, 15 MB recommended
- SoundBlaster, Pro Audio or 100% compatible
- Mouse

Running Police Quest 4 on modern operating systems

Police Quest 4 runs perfectly fine on DOSBox. If you are unfamiliar with DOSBox, you can use this automatic installer at the SierraHelp pages.

Can't Arrest Walker

Apply the pq4cuf patch.

Shoot-out Scene Lockup (floppy version)

Lockups in the shoot-out scene. Apply the pq4pat patch.

Problems With Emmo (floppy version)

Problems with Emmo if the game was saved at a certain point in the shoot-out scene. Apply the pq4pat patch.

Can't Scroll Through Cursor Icons (floppy version)

Not being able to scroll through cursor icons at one point. All cursors acting like the talk cursor at one point. Apply the pq4pat patch.

DAC Sound Lockup (floppy version)

Lockups after certain DAC sounds played. Apply the pq4pat patch.