Police Quest IV: Open Season


1) Parker Center: Location of the LAPD. Unlocked from the start.
- Basement: Julie Chester of SID. Go there to discuss evidence found at crime scenes, including results from the coroner.
- Lobby: show your ID to lobby guard Bill Linder each time you enter the building.
- 3rd floor: your office. Fill out a 3.14 form after each major event and give it to Hall. Also keep an eye on any notes on your desk. The computer is also there to look up hate crimes, license plates and gang info. Also your boss, Lt. Block, has his office here. Your other colleague, always on the phone, is Phillip Jurica.
- 4th floor: storage. Sporadically you need to bring evidence here and give it to officer Teddy Baker before it can be processed by SID.

2) LA County Morgue. Unlocked from the start. Your friend and coroner, Sam, is here to provide you with all the latest details on the victims. Also in the building are receptionist Sherry Moore and assistant coroner Russel Marks.

3) LA Police Academy. Unlocked from the start. Go there every day to practice (and earn points). On practice days, fill out form 13.5.1 and hand it to Bert Arnold, the armorer, who will provide you with ammo and headgear. On Wednesday, qualification day, use form 13.5.0. Officer Fuller, SWAT commander, is also always at the shooting range.

4) South Central LA. Unlocked from the start. The game starts here with the discovery of officer Bob Hickman's and Bobby Washington's bodies in the alley. There is also a burned-out house where you'll find slugs in the wall and later on a rope. CRASH has an undercover unit in the Rainbow Cafe. Buy an apple and glue in the Lucky Mini Mart and talk with the owner, Kim Chee. Also talk with Emmo Jones and Herbie Lewis on the street. Emmo will contact you later to provide info, which turns out to be an ambush. Further down the street is Mrs. Washington's house, mother of Bobby and Lasondra. The area is under control of the RBGB gang, led by Ragtopp Spiff.

5) Hickman's house. Unlocked from the start. Here lives Bob's widow, Katherine, and their daughter Valerie. Go there to talk about Bob, bring his belongings and, when Katherine is not watching, check Bob's coat.

6) Yo Money's estate: Unlocked on day 3. Officer Rene Garcia's body is found in the front lawn of the rapper's mansion. Before entering make sure to pick up the red shoe in the bushes. After passing the bodyguard, DannyD, talk with both Yo Money and his girlfriend, Nicolette and show them the red shoe. Also try to snatch Nicolette's cigaret from the ashtray.

7) Dennis Walker's place. Unlocked after questioning Yo Money and searching Walker's profile on the computer. Dennis, a neo-nazi, has a restraining order to stay away from Yo Money. Dennis flees from his apartment when he gets the chance, but watch out for his girlfriend, Wendy James, who'll try to stab you.

8) Short Stop Bar: you'll automatically go there for a drink with Sam and Julie at the end of day 3. Grab some pretzels while you're there. After a while Lt. Block will arrive and send you home. you can return to the bar afterwards to have some fun with the playable arcade.

9) Impound lot: Show your badge to the receptionist to get in the backyard where the impounded cars are. Here is also Billy Bob to provide you with more info. You'll come here twice, first to inspect Rene Garcia's abandoned patrol car (get the newspaper clipping) and again to inspect the vehicle in which two bodies were found (get the license plate).

10) Hollywood and vine. Unlocked after Garcia's patrol car has been found there. Hollywood and Vine consists of Ragin' Records (where you'll get a drum stick to build a 180-degree mirror) and the Bitty Kitty Club, where you'll talk with stripper Elektra and owner Barbie Cann. Make sure to also show them the red shoe. Outside, talk with the gay man and get the broken mirror from your car.

11) Griffith Park. Unlocked after talking with Sam about Jane Doe 1201-K on day 4. The body of unidentified Jane Doe 1201-K is found here. There is also a stray dog guarding the place. Chase away the dog with a mirror (or pretzels) and check the soil to discover a bone. On day 5, return here and catch the dog with a rope to discover the murderer's hideout.

12) Central District Health Center. Unlocked after searching the license plate of the impounded car on the LAPD computer on day 5. Talk with the receptionist, Nora Bitteridge, to find out the impounded car was assigned to employee Luella Parker, who matches the description of Jane Doe 1201-K. You'll search Luella's office and find a Yo Money tape and her current case files.

13) Third Eye Theater. Unlocked after reading the newspaper clipping in the abandoned patrol car. Only opens on day 5. Talk with theater owner Mitchell Thurman, who was also a client of Luella Parker. He'll offer a drink, offer a movie and then kick you out. By catching the stray dog in Griffith Park you'll return here as it turns out Mitchell is the killer. Searching the theater apartment, you'll find a victim' head in the fridge, the next victim sleeping in the theater, a needle in a towel dispenser and, of course, the killer himself which you need to neutralize.