Hobbit (The)


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Second mine section
Second mine section
Golden chest lock
Massive pole vault
White gem ahead
The second gate drops
Dwarf mine exit
The dwarf mines
Dwarf mine exit door opens
Cave behind the dwarf mines
Back towards the mountain path
Gandalf calls Bilbo
Bilbo has a lot to tell
On the mountain path again
A trap!
Bilbo and Gandalf are surrounded
Clash, crash!
Bilbo fights goblins
Gandalf uses magic
Gandalf has an idea
Gandalf uses magic
The rocks collapse
The door is blocked
Yes, Bilbo is a real hero
Firewood delivered
Then stop sending me in it!
And the firewood?
Ready to make camp
Goblin trap
The dwarves are captured
Gandalf fights off goblins
Bilbo is unconscience
Riddles in the Dark loading screen
Alone in the dark
Sting lights the way
Fire bat
Serpents block the way
Spiderwebs cover the walls
Giant spider webs
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