Hobbit (The)


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On the floating platforms
Troll key in sight
Heading for the exit
View over the valley
The troll gate
Bilbo finds a sword
The Misty Mountains
Over Hill and under Hill loading screen
Fili and Kili go explore
Gandalf gave instructions
Bilbo in the Misty Mountains
Bofur making fire
Shelter cave
Ori warns about goblins
Thorin knows a secret door
Dwalin is cold
Bofur needs dry wood
Gloin is Gimli's father
Ori warns about stone giants
The mountain path is narrow
The ledge breaks off
Bilbo slider down
Wolf trap
How to the other side?
Bilbo acrobatics
Made it to the other side
Climbing a rope
Continuing the mountain path
Holding on a ledge
Dangerous crossing
Gandalf searches Bilbo
Stone Giants
Dodging boulders
Fighting off a wolf
Accurate jumping
More wolves
Climbing vines
Tricking stone giants
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