Hobbit (The)


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Small spiders attack Bilbo
Small green spiders are poisonous
Medium-sized spiders are a bit tougher
Swinging across the spider cave
Tunnel past the spider cave
A dwarf is locked up
Heading for the goblin mines
Fighting two goblins
Entering the goblin mines
Bilbo must get through that gate
Going one level lower
Welcome committee
Goblin mines
Taking out a goblin with rocks
The bridge is extended
Fighting a goblin guard
Freeze rocks
Two more goblins
On a narrow beam
Giant wheel
Pole vault from the elevator
How to get the white gem
Two in one blow
Exploding barrel in sight
Fighting a group of snakes
The bridge drops
Another elevator wheel
Fire rocks
Goblins await for combat
Almost at the gate
At the gate
Maybe it's a nice goblin
Ugslap the gate guard
Krugbit, the wart stone gaurd
Goblin caves
Broken dwarf lift
Climbing a chain in the goblin mines
Fighting a goblin mage
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