Hobbit (The)


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Bert is tired of mutton
Tom wants manflesh
William the troll
Troll camp
Troll camp
Troll camp
Running around the trolls
Waiting for Bert to leave
Running around the troll camp
Bert moves position
Bert is very close
Waiting to cross
Sneaking behind Tom
Rock pillars
Crossing pillars
Bilbo is spotted
Bilbo is caught
Tom goes elsewhere
Tom yawns
Tiptoeing past Tom
Using rocks to hide
Talking wallet
Bilbo is caught
The dwarves are caught
Gandalf tricks the trolls
Trolls turned to stone
Troll Hole loading screen
Find the troll hole
Bombur is displeased
Stone trolls
Path to the caves
The first training scroll
Wolf attack
Gloin in sight
Gloin tells about the troll key
Pole vault to the rocks
Continuing up the mountain
Entering the caves
First cave hall
Critters in the second cave hall
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