Sabine Duvall


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We all know that international sales of video games accounts for 60% of the sales of all video games made in North America. Sabine got her start in 1985 by localizing games for Sierra and taught Paul everything she knows about how to create a great localized game. Her success in teaching him everything she knows about how to go about localizing games was evident in the French, German, Italian, and Spanish (also called FIGS) versions of Phantasmagoria and then later in Space Quest 6. After Sabine handed the "reins" of localization to Paul at Sierra where Paul went on to write the "Sierra On-Line Localization Bible" and Sabine was promoted to Producer where she worked hand in hand with Jane Jensen on her masterpieces Gabriel Knight 2 & 3. After the company was sold, Sabine and Paul left Sierra with Paul going to Activision to become a localization producer and Sabine going to Broderbund to head up international publishing. The two have never stopped working together and have once again joined forces at Replay to bring the best games to the international marketplace.

Here is Sabine's "into" video where she talks about localizing Leisure Suit Larry, and her amazing contribution to the awesome "reunited" team to being you one of the best games in computer game history!

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