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company overview

Replay Games Inc., is an entertainment software publishing and development company dedicated to making "AAA" content for PC, mobile, and next generation platforms. Replay Games was founded in 2008 by a group of game industry veterans who collectively have produced, programmed, licensed and designed over 250 award-winning games that represents hundreds of millions of dollars in retail sales. With a focus on next-generation casual content, Replay Games is currently developing products for digital download-based platforms including Facebook, iOS, Android, PC, XBOX Live Arcade, Sony Playstation Network, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo WiiWare, and Nintendo 3DS/3DSi.

About Replay Games

Replay Games was founded in 2008 by industry veteran Paul Trowe whom, amongst his colleagues, started in the interactive entertainment industry at a very young age. While first working on the King's Quest franchise and working with Ken & Roberta Williams, "The Two Guys from Andromeda" (Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe), and other extremely well known legends at the Sierra family, Paul literally grew up inside this young aspiring field of study. His contributions range in scope in over 100 titles from the King's Quest franchise to Mech Warrior, to Grand Theft Auto, to his first startup company called Pulse Interactive, where he successfully sold that games business unit in 2006. After taking a two year sabbatical, Paul, along with several other partners, formed Replay Games Inc. to focus on the digital distribution elements of interactive entertainment since Paul's vision sees brick and mortar becoming less important to the overall distribution strategy of interactive entertainment. We see evidence of this in XBOX Live Arcade, The Playstation Network, WiiWare, DSi Ware, and even NetFlix streaming their movies to your TV on demand in HD. Digital Distribution will be growing exponentially in the next decade and Paul wants his team to be the de facto development and publishing team people think of when they think of DD.

Sabine Duvall is a true industry veteran with a great history in Console, PC, Mobile and Online Gaming. She has worked on many successful game titles. She has been a driving force at companies like Hudson Entertainment, Inc. Midway, Broderbund and Sierra On-Line. Sabine is best known for bringing titles like Bomberman LIVE, Diner Dash, Alien Crush Returns, Omega Five and Star Soldier R to the downloadable console market. She also produced and directed many successful PC titles such as Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within, Gobliiins, Inca and Adibou.

Collectively, Replay Games has a management team with over 150 years of accumulative game experience. They have worked together for the past 20 years and have now formed an incredible company that is aimed at doing what they love, making video games! Replay Games works with developers all across the world to get our games into the hands of the consumers. We couldn't ask for a better team, better employees, and an overall better opportunity to do what we love and do best!

Advisory board

Leslie Balfour

Leslie Balfour is the daughter of a career Marine and spent her early years moving from one town to the next, which served as good practice after she escaped from a minimum security women's prison in the early 80s. She went on to obtain a bachelor's degree in theatre and a master's degree in business, and used this expertise to write, produce, and direct numerous off-off-off-off-Broadway plays.

Balfour voiced several characters in Sierra Online games before being hired full-time in 1993. She started in the marketing department writing copy and editing InterAction magazine; by the time she left in 1998, she had been a documentation writer, producer, designer, business development manager, caterer, and limo driver. She thinks often of her days at Sierra, until her therapist tells her not to dwell. Currently she lives in northern California with her husband Bruce and her three obnoxious dogs.

Al Lowe

Al Lowe was raised in Gumbo, Missouri but lived to tell about it. He took up piano at age 4 and began performing professionally as a saxophonist at age 13. He has yet to stop. Graduating from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor's in Music and a Master’s in Education, he taught in the public schools of Missouri and California for ten years before becoming a public school music administrator. His bands, orchestras and jazz bands won many awards, including an appearance in President Reagan's Inaugural Parade. He started and ran music festivals for marching band, orchestra, concert band, and jazz band. At age 36, he was at the top of his field with no chance for further advancement. He became interested in computers and wrote the world's first music festival management software package. It did not make him famous. But a couple of small games he wrote for his son to play on their Apple ][ helped him start his own educational game software company, Sunnyside Soft (because the word Software was just so overused in 1982!). The games were discovered by Sierra founders Ken & Roberta Williams and they bought the company, creating the start of a long line of Sierra educational software. Al took a leave of absence from his school district job and never looked back. Al was a fulltime game designer for Sierra for eight months - until Black Friday, when the company went from 120 employees to 40. He says, "It was the best thing that ever happened to me." Fired as an employee and forced to become an outside contractor, he then worked for royalties only. Within a few years, he built up a stable of moneymakers for Sierra - and himself. When Ken asked him to "update" an old game, Al responded that it "was so out of touch it should be wearing a leisure suit." He got a laugh and one of the world's best-known computer game characters was born, along with a line of games that stretched for a decade until Al's retirement in 1998. He now lives outside Seattle where he runs a 17-piece big band named MOJO, enjoys his wife, children and grandchildren, and runs, including CyberJoke 3000, a daily joke email that has published over 6,000 jokes (with no repeats!) over the past 13 years.

Josh Mandel

A New York native, Josh Mandel graduated from the University of Wisconsin's Theater Department in 1981. He spent the next 6 years as half of "Mandel & McVeigh," a comedy duo that headlined at comedy clubs and colleges across the country, and served for years as the house comedians at the infamous Playboy Club in Chicago. When his partner could no longer travel, they continued to do comedy in Chicago by night, while Mandel became an advertising copywriter by day. He also became a beta tester for Infocom and Sierra, and wrote scores of reviews, walkthroughs, and articles for industry magazines including Videogames & Computer Entertainment and TurboPlay. Mandel went to work for Sierra full-time in 1990, first as a Junior Producer, and eventually running the in-house Product Design department. Since then, he has designed, written, and/or produced more than 40 games for Legend Entertainment, Microsoft, Broderbund, Sir-Tech, and more, and was former Director of Game Design at Sega of America. Now a freelance writer and multimedia designer from his home in Albany, New York, he continues to work on games and simulations in all genres, but he says his greatest love is still for "adventure games... the funnier, the better."

(source: Replay Games)

Leisure Suit Larry Leaves Lockup! (06/14/2011)

The original Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards is coming to a new generation of devices through creator Al Lowe and the Replay Games team.

Players (and "playas") all over the world dropped to their knees today, surprisingly to pay homage to the master, the original top dog, the Casanova of computer games, Larry Laffer. Yes, the louche, lascivious, luckless but lovable star of Leisure Suit Larry is back - in his original incarnation. Larry’s original creator, Al Lowe, is working with the team from Replay Games to bring the original Leisure Suit Larry game to a whole new generation of netbooks, tablets and mobile devices - starting with Intel's marketplace, where you'll find it this summer, on a device near you.

The new release is the 1991 remake of Larry's original scorching adventure Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards, which improved the game's original 16-color EGA graphics into achingly gorgeous 256-color VGA graphics, the 3D high-def of its day. Now a whole new generation of fans can join Larry, cruising the streets of Lost Wages, pushing his luck, looking for love and Miss Right. Or maybe Miss Wrong. The original Larry game sold far too well to be a cult classic; it was a best-selling ground-breaking, award winner. Upon the game's initial release, it sold badly, very badly. Prurient, prudish retailers thought its shocking content would end civilization, be a bad influence on children and maybe even lead to 'you-know-what'. Al Lowe almost considered getting a real job. For a while. But the game's laugh-out-loud humor, simple, engaging gameplay and just plain fun, led to great word-of-mouth until, over a year after the game was released, it achieved huge commercial and critical success, selling millions of copies. It even won the Software Publishers Association's Best Fantasy, Role Playing Or Adventure Game award for 1987.

From his palatial penthouse apartment, high above the teeming streets of Lost Wages, Al Lowe offered these insights into Larry's success and return to the big leagues: "It's no fun telling people who want to play your games that their only recourse is to pirate them. Finally, Larry leaves his digital dungeon to delight those too young (or too smart) to play it way back when." Al expects a whole new generation of gamers to relate to a guy who's so out of touch he thinks a leisure suit is hip. "Men love the games because no matter how much of a loser they are, they're not as big a loser as Larry. And women love the games because, well, they’ve all dated a jerk like Larry."

Paul Trowe, CEO of Replay Games, said, "So many people enjoyed and were influenced by Larry's original adventure that it's an absolute pleasure to bring the smooth-talking charmer back to his legions of fans, a whole new generation of players and unimpressed women in bars and nightclubs everywhere. Working with Al means you can be sure the game is exactly how he intended it to be seen. It plays as smoothly as one of Larry's pick up lines. We're delighted, no, thrilled to be releasing Leisure Suit Larry In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards for a device near YOU, in the very near future."

Larry will be looking for love in all of the wrong places within the next several weeks. Watch this space for updates...

(Source: Replay Games)

Leisure Suit Larry 1 - Reloaded

After the re-release of Larry 1 VGA on July 25 2011, Replay Games pushed further and announced the remake of Larry 1 - Reloaded in October 2011. The project was funded with a successful Kickstarter with a $500,000 target from April 2 to May 2 2012 and is expected to be released in October 2012.