Learning with Fuzzywomp


Fuzzywomp leads children through four preschool games that prepare them for reading, writing and math by focusing on skills like pattern matching, counting, number sequencing, and eye-hand coordination. It is very similar to Learning With Leeper which has the same concept.

"Bubble Up" teaches number sequencing. Bubbles with numbers will appear from a pipe and Fuzzywomp must shoot the bubbles in sequence, from 1 to 10. When successful, the game restarts but this time you need to shoot the numbers in reverse order, from 10 to 1.

"Make-a-Monster" teaches eye-hand coordination. A grid with four heads will appear. Select a head by bringing Fuzzywomp to it. Next chose a body for the head, and finally chose the legs to complete your character. When your creature is complete, it will pull a gun and a ball will start bouncing in the right panel. Shoot it four times to view various animations.

"Juggling Clown" teaches counting. A clown will display a number. Fuzzywomp needs to push the lottery machine to release balls one-by-one- If Fuzzywomp released the same number of balls as the number displayed by the clown, the clown will start juggling with the balls. Otherwise the balls will drop off the screen and you have to restart.

"Domino Match" teaches pattern matching. Eight dominoes will be displayed on the screen and a machine will also display a domino. Move Fuzzywomp to the domino that matches the domino of the machine.

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