Dragon's Keep


The magic dragon has trapped 16 animals. Help to find and free them. You can't free an animal if the dragon is in the same picture (no worries, he won't kill you or the trapped animals). To make the dragon go away, you have to make the picture change, so simply leave and re-enter the screen until the dragon is no longer there.

The trapped animals are: a dog, a bird, a fish, a turtle, a cat, a squirrel, a rabbit, a pig, a bear, a monkey, a cow, a calf, a hen, a puppy, a frog and a raccoon.

Each screen features upto three lines of commands - to move in a certain direction, to free an animal, or other actions which may provide tips or lead to the discovery of a trapped animal. Use the spacebar to toggle through the commands and press ENTER to execute the selected command.

You can also press "F" (or F7 on the C64) to see which animals you have already freed. To enable or disable sound, press CTRL-S (or F1 on the C64).

See the map below to locate all animals - the screens with a purple frame contain an animal, sometimes hidden inside another item or behind an object. Try to free all 16 animals in as few moves as possible.