Incredible Machine 2 (The)


"Bang! Boom!" Make your own incredible machines from even more incredible parts! Make your own wacky machines to solve over 150 puzzles! Expect the unexpected as adventure awaits you at the end of each pulley. Change the laws of physics and gravity to get feasible results. Pop balloons, fire a cannon, trap the cat, put a basketball in a hoop, using gears, bellows, dynamite, buckets and countless other machine parts. Every puzzle presents a new challenge with different parts to use in different combinations. This toolbox will keep you occupied for hours and get the grey matter going!

You can also build your own puzzles from the ground up in Professor Tim's Workshop. Build a contraption, change gravity and air pressure, select a soundtrack for your puzzle, test it out, add hints, an objective and title and decorate the puzzle with the many scenery parts available at your finger tips! Place some crucial parts of your puzzle in the Parts Bin and add some decoy items to trick the player who dares to accept your challenge.

This sequel to The (Even More) Incredible Machine also contains the new Head-to-Head play: challenge a friend to solve a puzzle by taking turns with a time limit. Each move, you get to take one part from the Parts Bin and move one part that's already on the screen. Head-to-Head puzzles are are designed so that they can be solved a whole bunch of different ways. So you'll be battling it out to see who can come up with the quickest solution. This means you'll need to work out strategies to confuse, outwit, mislead, and bamboozle your opponent!

While the Incredible Machine 2 contains many of the machine parts of its predecessor, it also comes with many new ones, such as lasers, angled mirrors, pool cues, the Roto-Trans-Converter, anti-gravity pad, egg timer, nitroglycerine and much more. Of course Mel Schlemming and other critters also make a return in TIM2. In addition you can now also choose from a large range of scenery parts to change the whole look of the puzzle.

The Incredible Machine 2 was released for both the PC and Mac. The PC version is available on floppy or CD-ROM with the CD-ROM release featuring full narration and CD soundtrack while the floppy version uses midi for the music but has some additional tracks.
The Incredible Machine 3, released in 1995, is a re-release of TIM2, but designed for Windows rather than DOS.

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