Hi-Res Adventure #6: The Dark Crystal


Commanding your computer

The Dark Crystal uses a text parser to insert commands. The game has a large vocabulary but only understands phrases of one or two words. In many cases, these will consist of a verb followed by a noun, such as "drink potion", "climb tree" or "cut vine". All commands are followed by pressing RETURN.

To move to a certain direction, you can type NORTH, EAST, SOUTH or WEST or simply their initials N, S, E or W. You can also use UP or DOWN, or U or D. If you wish to enter a door, type GO DOOR.

When you first enter an area, a detailed description will be given. When you visit it again afterwards, only a short description will be given. Whenever you want to see the detailed description again, type LOOK. Sometimes there is a longer description than there is room for text (4 lines). In that case the computer will display the description for four lines and you can read the next part by pressing RETURN. If you want to review the previous 25 lines of text, simply press RETURN without command - you can return to the game screen by pressing RETURN again.

At times you will meet other creatures who may have important messages or clues. If you meet a guard for instance, type TALK GUARD or LISTEN GUARD. Also watch for objects along the way: many of them you'll need to survive or accomplish your ultimate goal. If for instance you see a key, type GET KEY to obtain it. You can also get rid of an item by typing for example DROP KEY. To see a list of items you are currently carrying, type INV.

Occasionally a certain action may require more than one command. In that case the computer will ask for specification. For instance you could type CUT TREE, upon which the computer asks WITH WHAT, which you can then specify with the second command WITH AX.

Saving and restoring a game

You can easily die in The Dark Crystal, so make sure to save frequently. To save a game type in the command SAVE GAME. The computer will ask for a letter (A-0) to save under, then to insert the save disk, and then to insert the current play disk again.

To restore a game, type in the command RESTORE GAME. The computer will ask for which position (A-0) to restore, then to insert the save disk, and then to insert the disk of the restore position. Since you can't name your saving lots, it may be wise to write on paper where you saved the game and under which saving slot.