CTRL-F1: toggle music off/on
CTRL-F2: toggle sound effects off/on
CTRL-F3: toggle voice of the flight computer off/on
CTRL-F9: restore a game, using a save game code. See below.
CTRL-F10: quit to DOS - type "Y" to confirm or "N" to return to the game.
F5: display control panel (see below)
F7: select/deselect joystick.


At various points throughout the game, you will be given a code that will allow you to restore to the point in the game where you received the code. These codes are different each time you install the game. Each of the eight boxes contains a number between one and eight.

To restore a game, press CTRL-F9 and type "Y" to confirm (or "N" to return to the game). The following window appears.

Click the color code combination and the circle button to restore. The game will exit to DOS if you insert a wrong code 5 times. The slash button clears the code box in case you miss-clicked.

Note: If you play the game in DOSBox, CTRL-F9 is a default key to close DOSBox. See tech support on how to avoid that.


F5 brings up the control panel. The control panel will allow you to adjust some of the settings for your game. To adjust one of the settings, click on the button next to it. When the desired button is highlighted in red, move the slider bar at the bottom to change the current setting.

Cursor controls the degree of cursor movement (works only with mouse).
Sensitivity adjusts the speed with which the ship responds to cursor movement.

Acceleration controls speed of acceleration and determines if maximum acceleration is possible. Left = maximum, Right = minimum.
Deceleration controls rate of deceleration. Left = maximum, Right = minimum.

This section of the control panel shows you the remaining number of each weapon and/or status. See more on weapons below.


AT the start of each new phase of the game, you will be given nine sacred jewels whcih will shield you from the weapons of the enemy. These jewels will allow you to be hit nine separate times without suffering harm. However, once the power of the jewels has been exhausted, any additional hit from the enemy fire will result in your death.

The jewels and number of lives are visible in all game types of Inca except in ground exploration (puzzle solving) where you can't lose any jewels and lives.

If you die in battle, Huayna Capac has the power to restore your life and return you to the recent past. You will be returned to the start of the sequence in which you died. He can do this for you a total of five times during the game. Once all five of your lives have been used, the game ends with the prophecy of El Dorado unfulfilled.


When you move about in space, you will pilot the Tumi, the fighter craft of the empire. It harnesses the power of the sun and uses spatiotemporal energy weapons to blast the enemies of the renaissance out of your space time continuum. The Tumi is equipped with different radar displays for deep space combat and canyon battles. The Tumi's battle computer will give you vocal information about weapons status and kills made. The Tumi's instrument panel also shows the number of lives remaining as well as sacred jewels and their status.

The mouse or joystick can be used for flight control during deep space combat. When using the mouse, the cursor is used to aim your weapon and control the direction of the fighter. When using the joystick, a fixed cursor will appear and movements of the joystickwill allow you to aim your weapon by changing the course of the Tumi. The left mouse button (or joystick button 1) fires your weapons. The right mouse button, plus (+) key or joystick button 2 accelerates the ship. Releasing them decelerates the Tumi.


Deep Space Combat

The Tumi is equipped with 3 different types of weapons for use in deep space combat. The function keys F1-F3 select your weapon:

F1: Plasma Bolts (always available, but must recharge)
F2: Jaguar missiles (5 available in game)
F3: Sun Stars: (3 available in game)

Your selected weapon is displayed in the upper right corner of your ship. The Jaguar Missiles and Sun Stars are more powerful than the Plasma Bolts, but their quantity is limited, so use them sparingly.

In deep space combat, when an enemy ship materializes, a blue lock-on box will appear around it. Once the batle computer has locked onto an enemy ship, the box outline will change from blue to red. Whenever you acquire a target lock, a number will appear in the lower right corner of the box. This indicates the armor of the ship - reduce it to zero by shooting at it to destroy the ship.

Your ship also shows a rear (located left) and front (located right) radar screen. Your enemies are the white dots on radar and destination is the red dot on the radar. Your battle computer will inform you when an enemy is destroyed and when an enemy is directly behind you.

Canyon Combat

Your mission is to reach the end of the canyon before enemy ships and destroy as many of them as possible. When chasing your enemies, be careful of the mines they throw out behind them. Try to destroy them even before firing on the vessels. When fighting in the canyons, the radar screen will change to a display showing your and your enemies' locations in the canyon. Enemies are the white dots on the radar and you'll start out with two enemies ahead of you and two behind you.

While in canyon combat, the ship will switch to autopilot, so you only control speed and weapons, not direction. You can only use the Tumi's Plasma bolts to shoot enemies and mines. To win, it is import to stay at top speed as much as possible, only to temporarily slow down to let enemies pass from behind so you can target and shoot them.

Ground exploration

When on foot, your helmet serves not only as protection, but keeps you informed about your surroundings. It provides you with up to date information on weapons status, enemies remaining, sacred jewels and lives left,a compass and map.

Use your map frequently as this will prevent you from getting lost in the mazes. To bring up the map screen, click the right mouse button (or joystick button 2). Clicking it again will return you to the game screen. The map will reveal more rooms as you explore them.

To move from place to place, click the left mouse button (or joystick button 1) to advance. Move the mouse or joystick to turn around.

To view your inventory or seek advice from Huayna Capac, move the cursor to the top of the screen. For advice, click the cursor on him. To select an inventory item, move the cursor over it and click the mouse or joystick button. To use it, left-click it on the item you would like to use it on and the game will inform you if it is used incorrectly. Right-click the mouse to deselect a selected object and return it to the inventory box.

When you encounter enemies or enter a room where you can interact with the game, a cursor will appear, allowing you to explore your surroundings or aim your energy weapon.

Ground combat

When you engage in combat in one of the game's labyrinths, the left mouse button (or joystick button 1) discharges your weapon. Note that while your weapon is fully charged, it will fire very rapidly, but its firing rate quickly reduces to a minimum, so only pull the trigger when needed and allow your weapon to recharge by taking short breaks.

More important than shooting the enemies themselves is to shoot their blasts to protect yourself from physical damage.