Tech support

Original game requirements

- MS-DOS 5.0 or Windows 3.0 or greater
- 386 or better
- 2x CD-ROM (multimedia release only)
- 2 MB RAM
- 19 MB Hard drive space
- Sound Card W7DAC Pro Aud Spectum, SoundBlaster, Sound Source, Thunderboard or MT-32/LAPC-1/CM-32L
- Mouse

Playing the game on modern operating systems

Inca works fine under DOSBox, but you may have to disable the CTRL-F9 and CTRL-F10 DOSBox key in order to be able to restore games or quit the game (see below). If you don't know how to use DOSBox, you can use the automatic installer from Sierra Help.

Problem: can't restore or quit game

Are you playing the game in DOSBox? The short cut to restore a game in Inca is CTRL-F9 and to quit is CTRL-F10. However CTRL-F9 and CTRL-F10 are also default short cut keys of DOSBox itself so, in order to make these keys work in the game, we'll disable DOSBox's CTRL-F9 and CTRL-F10 short cuts.

To do so, while in DOSBox, press CTRL-F1 to bring up the DOSBox key binder. Here, click on "ShutDown" and then on "Del" to remove the CTRL-F9 short cut. Also click on "Cap Mouse" and then on "Del" to remove the CTRL-F10 short cut. Click "Save" and then "Exit" and that's it.

To restore the DOSBox short cut keys again either do it again through the key binder, or simply by resetting the key binder to its default bindings by running Reset KeyMapper.bat in the DOSBox folder.