Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness

Making of

Oliver Brelsford Project Manager/Producer
Lori Ann Cole Designers/Writers/Directors
Corey Cole Designers/Writers/Directors
Marc Hudgins Art Designer
Henri Yu Lead Programmer
Aubrey Hodges Musician/Composer/Sound Effects
Bob Gleason Background Illustrators
Joan Delehanty Background Illustrators
Marc Hudgins Animators
Timothy Loucks Animators
Tony Margioni Animators
Joan Delehanty Animators
Barry T. Smith Animators
Daryle Smith Animators
Frances (Frankie) Powell Animators
Oliver Brelsford Programmers
Henri Yu Programmers
Neil Matz Programmers
Vana Baker Programmers
Kevin Ray Programmers
Mike Pickhinke Quality Assurance Team Leader
Corey Cole Manual Writers
Lori Ann Cole Manual Writers
Nathan Gams Manual Designers
Maria Fruehe Manual Designers
Steve Conrad Development System
Edward Critchlow Development System
Bill Crow Development System
Dan Foy Development System
Ken Koch Development System
Terry B. McHenry Development System
Martin Peters Development System
Larry Scott Development System
David Slayback Development System
Mark Wilden Development System
Neil Grandstaff Sound
Dale Stump Sound
J. Mark Hood Production
James W. Thomas Production
Mark Parker Technical Director
Catie Andrews Quality Assurance
Roger A. Clendenning Jr. Quality Assurance
Dave Clingman Quality Assurance
Lynne S. Dayton Quality Assurance
Ken Eaton Quality Assurance
Michael D. Jones Quality Assurance
Jon Meek Quality Assurance
Mike Pickhinke Quality Assurance
John Ratcliffe Quality Assurance
Leonard Salas Quality Assurance
Sharon Simmons Quality Assurance
Daryle Smith Quality Assurance
John Trauger Quality Assurance
Doug Wheeler Quality Assurance
Jeff Bennett Voice Talent
Gregg Berger Voice Talent
Catherine Blore Voice Talent
Hamilton Camp Voice Talent
Cam Clarke Voice Talent
Jim Cummings Voice Talent
Bill Farmer Voice Talent
Joannie Gerber Voice Talent
Jennifer Hale Voice Talent
Jess Harnell Voice Talent
Mitzi McCall Voice Talent
Diane Pershing Voice Talent
John Rhys-Davies Voice Talent
Stuart M. Rosen Voice Talent
Neil Ross Voice Talent
Susan Silo Voice Talent
Russi Taylor Voice Talent
Bob Ballew Voice Recording
Stuart M. Rosen Voice Recording
Al Roughton Special Thanks
Karin A. Young Nestor Special Thanks
Jeanne Brink Special Thanks
Susan Frischer Special Thanks
J. Mark Hood Special Thanks
William (Bill) R. Shockley Special Thanks
James W. Thomas Special Thanks