3-D Ultra Pinball 3: The Lost Continent

Making of

Jeff Tunnell Executive Producer
Ken Embery Producer
Kyle Miller Designer / Art Director
Piotr (Peter) Lukaszuk Lead Programmer
Jon Milnes Mac Programmer
Richard Tunnell Game Logic Programmer
Jerry Carathers Pinball Design Consultant
Darek Lukaszuk Physics Programming
Dave McClurg Technical Assistance
Rhett Anderson Technical Assistance
Robert Terrell Director, Main Character Modeling, Animator
Vince Backeberg Chief 3D Modeling, Lead Animator
Dennis Clevenger 3D Modeling, 2D Animation
Burt Jarvis 3D Modeling
Chuck Carden 3D Modeling, Animator
Dave Manuel Graphic Artist, 2D Animation
Jay Dee Alley Art Department Manager
Doug Kelly Associate Art Department Manager
Peter Lewis 3-D Art
Anthony Lewis 3-D Art
Cyrus Kanga 3-D Art
Shawn America 3-D Art
Sam Justis 3-D Art
Richard Gabrielson Production Artists
Neil Skorpen Production Artists
Kyle Miller Conceptual Art
Don Carson Conceptual Art
Marcello Vagliani Conceptual Art
Kelle DeForrest Conceptual Art
Doug Kelly Conceptual Art
Timothy Steven Clarke Original Music Composition
Loudmouth, Inc. Original Music Composition
Kenneth (Ken) Rogers SFX
Loudmouth, Inc. SFX
James R. Carey Digital Video
David Aughenbaugh Digital Video
Bill Barrett Voices
Jane Chase Voices
Lani Minella Voices
Mike Shapiro Voices
Ed Raggozino Voices
Loudmouth, Inc. Voice Recording
Dave Steele Quality Assurance Manager
Matthew Vincent Lead Quality Analyst
Gabe Merritt Assistant Lead Analyst
John Wolf Quality Assurance Technician
Jesse Russell CD Media Technician
Blake Carper Quality Analyst
Chris Eastland Quality Analyst
Susan (Sue) Garner Quality Analyst
Jake Martin Quality Analyst
Kevin Noall Quality Analyst
Brett Rodine Quality Analyst
Joseph (Joe) Rush Quality Analyst
Coktel Vision Globalization
Das Team Globalization
Kevin Lamb On-Line Manual: Writing/Editor
Wordworks, Inc. On-Line Manual: Writing/Editor
Egil Gloersen On-Line Manual: Authoring/Layout