Last Dynasty (The)


Phases of the game

The Last Dynasty has various different phases. You are the hero of the game. You'll see Mel and Dok both in the video clips of the game and you'll hear them talk as if you were watching TV.

Narrative phases
It is the main component and tells the story as you proceed in the game. It contains 3-D animation, video sequences, music and sound.

Adventure phases
A simple, user-friendly interface will allow you to act in the adventure phases of the game. To explore your environment, "look" at every screen, "take" and "use" objects available to you, then solve the puzzles.

Combat phases
You will be piloting spaceships throughout the game. The mission objectives will be uncovered as the adventure unfolds. The spaceships can be controlled in any of two modes: pilot mode and parametric mode. Press F10 or click the right mouse button to switch between modes. Pilot mode allows you to control the spacecraft and to fight. Parametric mode allows you to configure your cockpit as you want. You can move, resize, close or open windows, choose how the information is displayed and access the icon bar.

Icon bar

Four options are available from the icon bar on the top of the screen. If an icon is dimmed, it means that it is not available for use during this phase of the game.

Allows to load, save or quit a game. During the adventure phase, 20 positions are available to save a game. Make a selection in the list and type your own description if you don't like the one displayed. During combat phase, an automatic file save is run (default save) before combat. The SAVE option is then dimmed and is not available during combat. LOAD allows you to restore a previously saved game and QUIT allows you to exit the game.
It is available only during adventure phases. Click on the right button of the mouse or on the inventory icon to open the inventory window. The objects will appear as icons. To use an object on another object in the inventory, a) select an object on the screen in the inventory, b) move the cursor to the top of the screen, c) click on the left mouse button on the inventory icon and d) click on the desired object.
Game Help: On-line help is available for the following topics: cockpit, map, adventure, keyboard, mouse/joystick and spacecrafts. Help is available anytime in many areas of the screens. Help windows contain text and graphics.
Combat Help displays a detailed briefing of the mission you are about to carry out.
"Music" allows you to switch the sound on or off.
"Date/time" displays the time and the date.
"Maximum detail": the amount of details in the graphics may affect the speed of the game but does not affect gameplay.
"Unlock Automatic Shift" switches the "S" key between manual and automatic speed control. The Last Dynasty can change the speed of your spacecraft automatically depending upon the speed and trajectory of enemy spacecrafts.
"Joystick/Mouse" allows you to select the mouse or the joystick to control your vessel.
"Adventure/Combat": if you get stuck in an adventure, you can postpone the resolution of the puzzle ahead of you and continue the game. By the same token, if you like, you can go back anytime to the adventure. However to finish the game, you must go through all the adventure phases. The option "Adventure/Combat" will be available only if you have already started an adventure phase.


TAB: speed - (right-handed) S: toggles between automatic and manual speed control
Left-Shift: speed + (right-handed) F1: select lasers
Space Bar: select closest enemy ahead of you F2: select rockets
Left Arrow: left view of your vessel F3: select missiles
Down Arrow: back view of your vessel F4: select back mines
Up Arrow: front view of your vessel F5: allows you to choose between 2 cursors indicating the position of the selected vessel
Right Arrow: right view of your vessel F6: selects next spacecraft
5 on numeric pad: Hide/unhide cockpit controls F7: selects previous spacecraft
+ on numeric pad: Speed + 5left-handed) F8: display/hide the map
- on numeric pad: Speed - (left-handed) F9: air brake
P: pause F10 (or right mouse button): Pilot mode or Parametric mode
R: switch radar mode F11: booster

The cockpit

The Last Dynasty has been designed to provide you with a modular combat environment that is entirely configurable. Select any information you might need (statistics, enemy status, speed, score) and choose how it is displayed (percent, graphics, tables, charts, etc.) You can select, move, modify or close any information window at any time.

1. Hit ratio: indicates the success ratio of your firing 19. Button to open your shield's power window
2. Diagram of the weapon selected 20. Button to open your score
3. Name of the weapon selected 21. Button to open the speed of the selected spacecraft window
4. Remaining ammunition for each weapon. The indicator is highlighted for the weapon currently in use 22. Button to open the life points of the selected spacecraft window
5. Number of enemies 23. Button to open the shielding power of the selected spacecraft window
6. Number of enemies destroyed (score) 24. Button to open the number of allies remaining window
7. Number of allies 25. Button to open the number of enemies remaining window
8. Life points of the selected spacecraft 26. The aim cursor displays the point of impact of the laser and the trajectory to follow to get closer to the selected spacecraft
9. Shielding power of the selected spacecraft 27. The red square indicates that you are locked on an enemy spacecraft
10. Speed of the selected spacecraft 28. Distance and behavior of the selected spacecraft: "attack", "escape", "passive", "supply" (the enemy is in process of resupply) or "protect" (the spacecraft protects another vessel and will only attack if you enter its protection area).
11. Your speed 29. Type of spacecraft and name of pilot
12. Power of your shield 30. Radar rear view
13. Your life points 31. Radar front view
14. Icon bar to select different information display modes 32. Your allies are displayed with yellow dots, your enemies with red dots
15. Close window icon 33. Diagram of the selected enemie spacecraft
16. Enlarge window icon 34. Cursor of the heat-seeking missile
17. Button to open your speed window 35. Direction cursor to steer your spacecraft
18. Button to open your life points window

The weapons

You can use four different types of weapons during combat:

Lasers: Are continuously available but need to recharge regularly. You need to stop using the laser momentarily to allow it to recharge.

Remote-controlled missiles: Only used to destroy fast spacecrafts. Once selected, a cursor is displayed that locks on the chosen enemy and you hear a "beep" sound. Once you are locked, pull the trigger; you can be almost 100% sure to destroy the enemy.

Rockets: Long range weapons, very useful to destroy groups of enemy spacecrafts. The rocket explodes systematically in the proximity of a vessel.

Aft mines: Very useful if you are chased by an enemy spacecraft. They are dropped from the rear of the spacecraft and float in space. Explode only when in contact with enemy spacecrafts.

The map

A 3-D map is available during combat. It shows the combat zone and the spaceships' behavior. Fighting strategies can be conducted and controlled through the use of the map.

1. Positions you in the center of the screen 12. Rotation
2. Positions the selected spacecraft in the center of the screen 13. Minimizes the control panel; speeds up the action
3. Activates the map and displays fights in real-time. 14. Exit the map
4. Allows you to control and coordinate the attacks of your allies: choose an ally, click on the button and select the enemy to attack. 15. Information window of the selected spacecraft
5. Allows you to control and coordinate the defense of your allies: choose an ally, click on the button and select the ally to defend. 16. Protection symbol. the circled vessels are under protection of the selected vessel.
6. Allows you to call for reinforcements. This option is activated depending upon the number of allies available. 17. Means "attack/to attack". The vessel is fighting the selected spaceship.
7. Zoom in the map 18. Means "I'm attacking. The mission of the vessel circled in blue is to attack the selected spaceship. Select your own spaceship to find out how many enemy vessels are chasing after you.
8. Zoom out the map 19. Means "I'm under attack". The vessel circled in red is under attack by the selected spaceship
9. Rotation 20. Selection tool: enemy vessel is selected.
10. Rotation. 21. Selection tool: ally vessel is selected.
11. Rotation. 22. Allows you to move the map. All 4 sides are active.

Adventure phase

A simple, user-friendly interface will allow you to act in the adventure phases of the game. To explore your environment, "look" at every screen, "take" and "use" objects available to you, then solve the puzzles.

LOOK: move the cursor around the screen to detect active zones which will then be displayed.

TAKE: click on the left button of the mouse to take an object. The cursor changes then to the object selected. Click on the right button to move the object to your inventory.

USE: allows you to use or take an object on the screen or in the inventory. The words "USE ON" followed by the name of the object, character, or location selected will be displayed. Click on the left mouse button to validate. Click on the right mouse button to cancel and put the object back in the inventory.

Depending upon the context, clicking will mean: to give, to show, to look at, to take, to use, or to do. Important: As in real life, the actions you initiate and the characters you encounter evolve with time. Keep that in mind when solving puzzles.

1. Status line. It displays the active regions of the screen. 4. This cursor indicates that you can go forward.
2. This cursor indicates that you can go backwards. 5. This cursor indicates that you can turn left.
3. This cursor indicates that you can turn right. 6. Your inventory can be displayed by pressing the right button of the mouse or clicking on the inventory icon.