Last Dynasty (The)

Making of

Philippe Lamarque Project Supervisor
Frederic Chauvelot Scenario
Philippe Lamarque Scenario
Silvan Boris Schmid Dialogues and Adaptation
Jean Benoit Carre Production Trainee
Yannick Chosse Art director
Isabelle Gely First Assistant
Alain Youcef Khoudja Director of photography
Emmanuelle Kreuz Voice Casting
Gersande Ledoux Makeup
Jocelyn Poulin Set Electrician
Silvan Boris Schmid Casting
Silvan Boris Schmid Voice Casting
Silvan Boris Schmid Director
Lydia Serpa Costumes
Jean-Marc Avocat Actor / Actress
Catherine Bellami Actor / Actress
Mike Carlisle Actor / Actress
Yannick Chosse Actor / Actress
Vincent Ecrepont Actor / Actress
Michel L'Esprit Actor / Actress
Jean-Christophe Nigon Actor / Actress
Silvan Boris Schmid Actor / Actress
Judith Burnett English Voices
Christian Erickson English Voices
Mike Marshall English Voices
Dana Burns Westberg English Voices
Denis Besson Programmer
Herve Denis Programmer
Philippe Lamarque Programmer
Mathieu Marciacq Programmer
Mathieu Marciacq Bug Killer
Yannick Chosse Graphics
Joseph Kluytmans Graphics
Christian Laly Graphics
Pascal "Paco" Pautrot Graphics
Frederic Chauvelot 3D Artist
Pascal Legrand 3D Artist
Dan Rapaport 3D Artist
Frederic Chauvelot Cockpit
Yannick Chosse Cockpit
Jeff Rey Cockpit
Silvan Boris Schmid Video Integration
Christophe de La Taille Video Integration
Charles Callet Music
Charles Callet Sound effects
Scott MacLeay Sound effects
Herve Denis Tester
Christophe de La Taille Tester
Rene-Guy Tramis Tester
Suzanne Sweeney Creative Services
Jennifer Gibbs Tech Support
Beth Quintana Tech Support
Djamel Tiab Translations
W. Forster Translations
Antje Hink Translations
Christian Stoner German Voices
Jorg Bendrat German Voices
Karl-Heinz Grimm German Voices
Susanne Schmidt German Voices
Stephane Lavoisard Manual and Manual Editing