Space Quest VI: Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier


Despite saving the universe from the Pukoids and reclaiming Starship Goliath in Space Quest 5: The Next Mutation, Roger has been found guilty by the Starcon Federation for abandoning his post, deviating from mission parameters, misuse of Starcon property, disintegrating a fellow officer, perpetrating a sequel without authorization and consorting with a female of higher rank. He is decommissioned to janitor second class on the SCS Deepship 86, under commander Kielbasa.

During a shore leave on Polysorbate LX, two goons try to kidnap Roger for unknown reasons, but Roger is rescued in time by corpsman Stellar Santiago, who took some leave from the SCS Heinz 57 to visit Roger and has strong feelings for him, something Beatrice Wankmeister probably wouldn't like, should she find out... Shortly after, Deepship 86 receives a new directive and sets course for Delta Burksilon. Sharpei, the old widow of Admiral Blundtphang, is building an off-world retirement center there and has requested assistance, including that of Roger.

Roger's required assistance however turns out to be nothing more than to mop the floor of the old woman, but then something unexpected happens. The widow's room fills with gas and Roger barely escapes, once again saved by Stellar. Stellar however did not escape the deadly trap and is presumed dead... until Roger receives a distress call from her. As the only one who believes Stellar is still alive, Roger sets out, once again against orders, to search Stellar, rescue her and find out the truth about Sharpei's true intentions, a journey that will take him through space, anti anomalies and even in the bowels of Stellar.

After the fifth episode, which was designed by Marc Crowe at Dynamix, the Space Quest series returned to Sierra On-Line and designers Josh Mandel and Scott Murphy. Josh Mandel, also known as the third guy from Andromeda, had also collaborated as co-writer and voice talent in Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers. Also Gary Owens returned as narrator.

Development ran into some issues as Josh left Sierra before the game was completed. Due to lack of communication and reportedly even strife, several parts of the original design were cut out, primarily in the latter stages of the game. It would also turn out to be the last of the epic Space Quest series. Although Space Quest 7 was in development, it was never completed or released.

Interestingly, the Space Quest demo, distributed with Sierra's Interaction Magazine, featured an alternate story not related to the main game, with Roger Wilco floating in space outside the bridge while the ship is invaded by toaster-headed mechanoids, the Bjorn. Make sure to give the demo a spin (available in the downloads section).

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