Slater and Charlie Go Camping


Main selection screen

Read to me: When you choose this option, the story will tell itself page by page. The story is twelve pages long and will return to the main selection screen when done. You can press the space bar anytime during the story to return to the main selection screen. Press "P" on your keyboard (or click your mouse button) to switch into "Let me play" mode.

Let me play: When you choose this option, you can interact with each page after its text is highlighted. There are many hidden surprises on every page, so be sure to click everywhere with your mouse (or with your keyboard, just use your arrow keys and press ENTER). Press "R" on your keyboard to switch to "Read to me" mode.

More: When you choose this option, you'll find Slater and Charlie's teleporter page. The teleporter page lets you go to any of the twelve pages in "Let me play" mode with just two clicks of your mouse button. There are twelve miniature pictures representing each of the full-suze pages in the story, on the teleporter page. Under each picture is a number between the two arrows. To jump to a page, click on the arrows to change the number of the page you want, then click on "OK" to go there. You can also adjust the sound and music volume by clicking and dragging the slider bar on the bottom of the screen, or view the game credits.

Quit: When you select the stop sign at the bottom of the main selection screen, you'll be taken to another screen where you can choose "Yes" I want to quit or "No" I want to play.

Game screen

You will notice to arrows in the lower corners of your screen. You use these two arrows to change pages in your book. To page forward, click on the right arrow. To page back, click on the left arrow. (Using your keyboard, press the "F" key to go forward one page or press the "B" key to go backward one page.)

Have you noticed that each sentence begins with a button? If you'd like to repeat the sentence, press the button. Try selecting individual words to hear them spoken. You can create your own mixed-up sentences by selecting words out of order! For example, select each word starting from the right side of your screen moving to the left side of your screen. Now you can try to read the sentence out loud and backwards? Try selecting every third word or even make your own pattern.

In the lower center section of your screen, you will find a number printed on a stop sign. This is your current page number. With your mouse, just click the stop sign (with your keyboard, use your arrow keys and press ENTER on the sign) to be taken back to the main selection screen.

Keyboard short cuts

F: Go forward one page
B: Go backward one page
Space bar: Return to Main Selection Screen
P: Switch to "Let me play" mode
R: Switch to "Read to me" mode
Arrow keys: Use your arrow keys to move your cursor.