Slater and Charlie Go Camping


Escape to a whimsical dinosaur world of prehistoric fun. Slater the Petrosaur from the 1990 remake of Oil's Well is back and this time he brought his friend Charlie along. Together they are heading for the mountains, setting up camp, snapping pictures, fishing and meeting outrageously funny prehistoric friends. This enchanting talking tale will keep your children coming back again and again and, best of all, they'll find new surprises every time. Your children will be having so much fun, they won't notice they're learning. They'll have hours of entertainment exploring each scene for hidden surprises.

Slater & Charlie Go Camping was the first game by Sierra's Red Dog division, Sierra's answer to the Broderbund educational games that were coming out at the time. Sierra rented space next to NAPA auto parts in a nearby strip mall where a local video rental store was (and had movies coming in the drop slot for a few weeks after they started until they blocked off the drop slot). The game was written, produced and directed by Bill Davis. It uses Sierra's SCI engine and VGA graphics and was released for the IBM PC and Macintosh. It was later rereleased as a Sierra Originals game.

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