SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate


The main menu allows you to start a new or continue an existing career, jump straight into instant action, play multiplayer or even create your own missions. You can return to the main menu by clicking on a main menu button when available.

To begin playing SWAT 4: Stetchkov Syndicate, click on Play Career. More information here.

New Features:
The new features screen replaced the training tutorial in SWAT 4. Here you can read about the new primary weapons of this expansion pack, the new secondary weapons.

Instant Action:
Play the most recent mission with the default options. Clicking on this option will take you directly into the most recent mission you have completed with the default options set. This will take you directly into the game. If you have not completed any missions yet, this will take you to the tutorial.

Play Quick Mission / Quick Mission Maker: With SWAT 4: Stetchkov Syndicate, you're able to create your very own missions. More information about that here.

Multiplayer game: In multiplayer you can either host or join a game. In addition to the campaign maps there are several additional game maps as well as additional weapons. SWAT 4: Stetchkov Syndicate adds several new features and a new multiplayer game type to the existing 4 types in SWAT 4: Smash & Grab. More information about multiplayer here.

Settings: In the settings screen, the player can change the video settings, audio settings, key configuration and other game settings.

Credits: This displays the credits of the game.