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The Vengeance Engine is a game engine based on Unreal Engine 2/2.5. It was created by Irrational Games to make Tribes: Vengeance. The Vengeance Engine, also known as the Tribes: Vengeance engine had several new features:

- Unreal Engine 2 Core System base
- Integration into the Havok physics 2 engine
- Support for DirectX 9 rendering capabilities (such as supporting the Shader model 2.0)
- Normal mapping with per pixel lighting, as well as normal-mapped and bump-mapped animated models, objects and scenery.
- High dynamic range rendering (HDR) using post-processing effects
- Pixel shaded water effects
- Improved terrain texturing and light-mapping
- Highly optmized terrain detail mesh renderer (Allowing terrain artifacts like thick grass)

In addition, it was shipped with new and improved tools:
- Mojo (a cutscene toolset) for the Unreal Engine
- An enhanced version of UnrealEd with new features

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