3-D Ultra Cool Pool

Tech support

Original game requirements

- Windows 95 or higher
- IBM PC-compatible with a 166 MHz Pentium processor or better
- 32 MB of RAM
- 4x CD-ROM drive
- 70 MB of free space on your hard drive plus 60 MB of swap space
- SVGA video card, 800x600, 16 bit color
- Windows 95 compatible sound card

- Pentium 200
- 64 MB RAM
- 12x CD-ROM drive

Update to version 1.01

This file will update Cool Pool to version 1.01 Note that this patch is for the US version of "3-D Ultra Cool Pool." It cannot be used with any other version of Cool Pool. To install this patch, download it & double-click on the cp101.exe file. Then follow the instructions that appear. If you installed the game somewhere other than C:\Sierra\CoolPool, you will have to specify the proper directory in the dialog box that appears.

1.01 Update.

Registry Key fix for online play

This is a Registry Key fix for cool pool so the game will connect to the new servers (after Sierra took the official ones down in 2007). It works both for version 1.0 and version 1.01 Just right click and select Merge and your game will find the new rooms.

3-D Ultra Cool Pool Registry Server Fix

Fatal error when pushing the cue stick

We have experienced a game crash when pulling the cue stick and then manually pushing it with the mouse. This error occurred both under Windows XP and Windows 7. The easiest way to get around this error is to release the mouse button at the desired strength level to let the game take the shot, rather than pushing the cue stick yourself.

The screen turns largely black

The screen turns mostly black, recovering itself bit by bit as animations of moving balls reveal the table again.
Yep, 3-D Ultra Cool Pool was not intended to be played on today's operating systems so you get this graphic glitch from time to time. To quickly reveal the entire table again, click on one of the different camera view buttons at the bottom right of the screen.