3-D Ultra Cool Pool


3-D Ultra Cool Pool: Eightball demo

Demo ID: 695

In this demo you can play Eight Ball either by yourself or with a friend. You'll play with the custom balls. Before the game you can select the difficulty, enter your name(s) and there's a short explanation of the game rules and game play. You can't change any settings and there's no music playing.

You can play as many games as you like. Once you leave the game, it will show a few screens of other games included in 3-D Ultra Cool Pool, as well as other games in the 3-D Ultra series (or other new sierra releases), and order information.

To install the demo, Download the demo (15.6 MB), extract and run the setup file.

3-D Ultra Pinball 5: Thrillride: PC CD-ROM, US, version 1.0, fliptop box with flap
Hoyle Solitaire & Mahjong Tiles 2 (2000): PC/Mac CD-ROM, US, flip-top box
Incredible Machine: Contraptions (Return of the): PC CD-ROM, US, flip-top box with flap