Leisure Suit Larry II: Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places)

Easter eggs

Egg id: 136

Have a seat, Mr. and Mrs. Williams

When Larry waits to get a seat at the restaurant, the receptionist first lets all the rich people pass and take a seat, including Mr. and Mrs. Gates (referring to Bill Gates of Microsoft) and Mr. and Mrs. Williams, referring to Ken and Roberta Williams, founders of Sierra On-Line.

TAGSKen Williams, Roberta Williams

Egg id: 14

The knot hole

Look through the knothole of the wooden fence next to the Quickie Mart to get a Police Quest reference.

TAGSPolice Quest II: The Vengeance

Egg id: 319

Chief Kenneewauwau

Chief Kenneewauwau, father of Kalalau, is a cameo of Ken Williams.

TAGSKen Williams

Egg id: 137

Rosella the hairdresser

Many barbers in Larry 2, 5 all together, but the one at the airport surely has ended up in the wrong game series. Never trust princess Rosella of King's Quest IV to give you a haircut. SHE is supposed to have the nicest long blond hair, not Larry (duh!)

TAGSKing's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella

Egg id: 138

What you all find in airport luggage...

Sierra games, a machine gun (with reference to Police Quest II,....

TAGSPolice Quest II: The Vengeance

Egg id: 139

Hey, you're that guy from Lefty's!

Ken Williams makes cameos in all of Al Lowe's Larry games, and Larry 2 is no exception.

TAGSKen Williams

Egg id: 135

The park

Look at the park to get a reference to Space Quest and Coarsegold.

TAGSSpace Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers

Easter Eggs referring to Leisure Suit Larry II: Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places)

Quest for Glory 1 (EGA): So You Want To Be A Hero (a.k.a. Hero's Quest) (Egg id: 120)

Erasmus, collector of Sierra props

Many of the items in Erasmus' entrance hall are props of other Sierra games:
- the airplane refers to Lytton PD from Police Quest
- the coffin could refer to Dracula's coffin in King's Quest 2
- the sarcophagus refers to the mummy's sarcophagus in King's Quest 4 (and pictures Rosella as a hieroglyph, see image below).
- the peacock on the table also refers to King's Quest 4
- the suit of armor refers to Laura Bow: The colonel's Bequest
- the shield refers to Conquests of Camelot
- the onklunk refers to Leisure Suit Larry 2

Police Quest II: The Vengeance (Egg id: 12)

At the top of the escalator at the airport, you can find Leisure Suite Larry. Talk to him him to hear the Leisure Suite Larry tune. Talk to him some more for some funny lines.