Leisure Suit Larry II: Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places)

Easter eggs

The knot hole

Look through the knothole of the wooden fence next to the Quickie Mart to get a Police Quest reference.

The park

Look at the park to get a reference to Space Quest and Coarsegold.

Have a seat, Mr. and Mrs. Williams

When Larry waits to get a seat at the restaurant, the receptionist first lets all the rich people pass and take a seat, including Mr. and Mrs. Gates (referring to Bill Gates of Microsoft) and Mr. and Mrs. Williams, referring to Ken and Roberta Williams, founders of Sierra On-Line.

Rosella the hairdresser

Many barbers in Larry 2, 5 all together, but the one at the airport surely has ended up in the wrong game series. Never trust princess Rosella of King's Quest IV to give you a haircut. SHE is supposed to have the nicest long blond hair, not Larry (duh!)

What you all find in airport luggage...

Sierra games, a machine gun (with reference to Police Quest II),....

Hey, you're that guy from Lefty's!

Ken Williams makes cameos in all of Al Lowe's Larry games, and Larry 2 is no exception.